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Spring Term

Year 6 What's in the Box Workshop- January

At the PSHE workshop we:

  • named different types of alcohol
  • learned about percentages in alcohol
  • wore 'Beer Goggles' to find out how alcohol affects the body
  • learned that alcohol can be bad for you
  • learned the differences between prescribed and un-prescribed drugs

by MD




Autumn Term 1

This term in PHSE we started by looking at the importance of a good night's sleep. 

Our objectives were to:


  • explain why sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle
  •   describe bedtime routines that help improve sleep
  •   identify how our sleep patterns and needs might change as we grow up

We learned that:

  • As we get older, our sleep needs and patterns change. As children become teenagers,
    they need a bit less sleep each night (usually about 9 or 10 hours sleep per night).
  • Teenagers usually want to go to sleep and wake up about 2 hours later than younger children or adults. This is called a shift in their “internal body clock”.
  • During puberty, a person’s body produces new hormones and this mostly happens when
    they are in a deep sleep.
  • By getting good sleep the body can grow and develop during puberty. This will help to improve memory and learning. Good sleep might also reduce some other issues during puberty such
    as moodiness, getting spots or putting on weight.

Week 3 - Personal Hygiene- Microbes

This week we learned all about safe and harmful microbes and the importance of handwashing. We talked about hotspots around the home and in school and rated different surfaces red, amber ot green to show which were the hotspots where we think most germs spread. These were places such as door handles, the backs of chairs and the edges of tables.