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Mini beasts down under

Welcome to our exciting new topic webpage. This term we are going to be learning all about mini beasts and Australia. We are also going to be doing some very exciting whole school project work on the Rio Olympics so keep checking our class pages to see all the exciting things we are up to!

Week 5

What a busy week we have had this week! Congratulations to Isabel this week who received a Thursday mention for her fantastic knowledge of mini beasts. Our good citizen award went to Riley who has shown real maturity and is becoming much more independent in all areas of his learning.



To get us ready for our Australia work next week we have been looking at different things from Australia. Today we all had a turn at playing the Didgeridoo. It was really tricky and we made some quite interesting sounds!

Art/Design Technology

This week we followed our designs and created our painted pebbles. We recapped on our designs and selected appropriate paintbrushes and paints. We thought carefully about the different brush strokes to use to create our mini beast pebbles.

Religious Education

This week with some special friends from Maple class we had a try at writing in Hebrew. We thought about all the different things we had learnt about special books and wanted to have a try at writing a special thank you message in Hebrew. We started off writing our names and then moved on to our special messages.


We have focussed our work this week on division. We have used lots of different equipment to help us with our learning. We then created our own sentences for others to solve. Great maths skills Willow class!

On Wednesday we travelled with Oak class to Hartsholme Park in Lincoln to learn more about mini beasts in their natural environments. We had a lovely walk through the park looking at different trees before beginning our first activity which was pond dipping. Our guide Lisa explained to us what we might see and gave us a tick sheet to tick off the different things we found. It was lots of fun! We then moved on to the meadows where we caught other things in big nets the blue dragonflies were amazing! After a well deserved rest and lunch with the squirrels we looked at the birds in the pond before heading home. We all were a little sleepy on the bus!

Week 4

Congratulations Maxwell and Taylor -Jade who both received Friday mention certificate for trying really hard during our swimming lessons. Our good citizen this week is Emma for been very kind to everyone.

Olympics topic

This week we have began our work on the Rio Olympics. To start our topic off we had a visit to Barnes Wallis to learn more about the Olympics and to take part in our own torch relay. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the medal ceremony at the end.


This week we have been looking at 3d shapes. We have learnt all about the different properties of the different shapes and we have asked each other questions to guess the shapes based on their properties. We played shape bingo which was lots of fun and then on Friday we used 3d shapes to build our own Olympic stadiums.


This week in phonics we have been choosing different sounds and then thinking of works which include that sound and writing sentences using those words. It was great fun making silly sentences!

Art and design

As part of our Olympics work we decided we would like to make some flags. We decided we would like to use tissue paper and create the union jack and the flag for Brazil. Mrs Broadbent helped us to draw the outline of the flags and then we began cutting squares of tissue paper and scrunching them up to make small balls. We are going to finish these off next week but here is a sneaky peek at our flags so far.

Sports day

We had a great day for our sports day. In the morning we were busy completing activities with Maple class and then in the afternoon we joined the rest of the school for traditional sports day events. Thank you for the friends of school who gave us a tasty ice lolly to end the day!

Week 2

Congratulations to Alice and Frankie who both received Friday mention certificates this week. I special mention to Maxwell who is our good citizen for the week. Well done for working hard and always following the school rules.



This week we have been working with instructions. We have found the key features of instructions, learnt the importance of order when following instructions and created our own instructions for others to follow. We decided that we were going to follow some instructions to make a home for worms in our classroom and then wrote instructions for other people to try to make one too!


This week we have been looking at data handling. We learnt all about results tables and completing them using tally marks. We have gathered data from our friends found the most and least popular and even had a try at creating our own bar chart!

Physical Education

We had a fantastic time at our first swimming lesson this week. Everyone listened carefully to our instructors and had lots of fun making a big splash! We are very excited to be going again for the next 5 weeks.

We would like to say a big thank you to a grandparent from school who kindly brought into school a snake's skin for us to look at this week. It was very interesting to see how the snake had wriggled out of the skin and to learn more about snakes.

Week 1

What a fantastic first week we have had back at school. Well done to Maxwell and Joshua who both received Friday mention certificates for great maths work and Joshua also received the good citizen award for his great attitude towards his learning.



This week we have been working on place value. We have been looking at what makes a 2 digit number and working out how many tens and units there are in a number. We used straws to help us with this activity.


As part of our work on mini beasts this week we have been looking at The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. We began the week looking at the images and finding repeating words, we then sequenced mixed up cards and wrote about them. We decided to write a follow up story about the butterfly. It was great fun to create our own story!


In Science this week we have been looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly. We began by watching a caterpillar on its journey to becoming a butterfly. We learnt some new vocabulary including the word chrysalis. We then created our own lifecycle using pictures and labels.


This week in art we have created our own handprint butterflies. We decided which paints we would liked to use and remembered our wings needed to be a mirror image. We then carefully sketched our butterfly bodies and then painted our hands to create the wings.

Home learning


A big thank you to everyone who completed their holiday home learning. We have some fantastic models to use for our Australian display.