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Week 3 17.9.18

Well done! Last week we were all very effieceint at handing in our homework on time.


Due to the 11+ running on last Friday and this Friday morning we are very tight for time and will need to catch up on spelling dictations later next week.


This week's Homework tasks.

All children have now got library books, so I am expecting to see daily reading recorded in their diaries.


English Task: Fire Drill differentiated text and questions. The text will be stuck in the children's homework books, but the answer sheets will just be tucked in as I would like them to use the questions to write full sentence answers in their books.


Maths: Year 5 pg. 8 Ordering and comparing big numbers

              Year 6 pg.7 Rounding Whole Numbers


All homework is due on Friday, however if there are any problems or your child wishes to hand it in early then either see me or put their books in the homework box.