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Our Trip To Tattershall Lakes Beach

We walked to the beach at Tattershall Lakes to practice our sand castle building skills and other seaside activities including paddling.  We got sand between our toes and wet up to our knees!  We worked together in teams and also individually to build some fantastic sand structures.  It was great fun!  Check out the photos below.  We would like to thank Gary and our parent's from Just Wake, who made the visit possible.  

After the beach we watched our class member demonstrate his wake boarding skills.  He was amazing!   

The walk there and back was lovely too because we went through a meadow full of butterflies, flowers and insects with great views of the castle and the church.  A great morning! 

Seaside Holidays Then and Now

Oak Class have been learning about how seaside holidays have changed from 100 years ago to the present day.  To experience what eating a Hokey Pokey  was like, we ate vanilla icecream from squares of paper.  It was fun but tricky and you can see how messy it was from the photos below.  We much prefer to have a cone!

We also looked at items from a museum box including: a penny lick, Punch and Judy puppets, an old fashioned wooden spade and metal bucket and some old fashioned swimming suits.  They looked great on the children but were very uncomfortable compared to modern swim suits.