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Week 2

Week 2

First a huge thank you to those that have managed to share what the children have been doing on the Class Blog, Class Dojo portfolios or in messages. It has been lovely to see and I have commented or replied in any way I can so please check out the comments or feedback boxes.  



This week, the English task focuses around the ancient Greek story of Pandora's Box.  Please see the attached power point of the story below.  Some children may need support with reading, in particular all the unfamiliar Greek names please.  I have also put a link to an e book version of the story that is from the Twinkl web site but, as a member, I can't tell if it will work for everyone!


Once they have heard the story, please discuss the consequences of Pandora's actions, but also other possible 'unfair' or 'immoral' aspects too, such as Zeus's trick and whether Prometheus should have taken the fire. 


After, please discuss other 'good' things that could have been in the box.  Pandora released 'hope' at the end, but what other good things would your child like to release?  Imagine lots of things that will make the world a better place and get your child to write them down, either in thier exercise book, or on the special sheet that can be printed below.   They need to say why they have chosen these things and what impact it would have on the world when 'released'.  I hope this activity will reflect the current 'kindness' and 'rainbow' positive thoughts and messages that are being shared by children all around the country at this difficult time.


Here are some words and a sentence that children came up with when Oak discussed this story last time:  

Love, Courage, Forgiveness,  Peace, Trust, Truth, Happiness, Faith, Kindness, Generosity


Inside my box I will put Courage because I believe it gives me the strength to face anything and keep trying my best.

Art and Design - Pandora's Box Activity

Please see the power point below for ideas about how to make your own 'Pandora's Box'.

The children could use an old shoe box or any other box that preferably has a lid.  They could put their ideas from the English activity inside, along with other 'nice' things to represent kindness and hope in contrast to the evil things released by Pandora.  It would be lovely to see pictures on the class Blog page.  Remember, the children can make comments on each other's work too - positive only though please! :)

Maths - Week 2 of Fractions

Please see the links below for further lessons in fractions.  Again, each lesson has an introduction power point with a 'Discover' to discuss, a 'Share' to see how to answer, then some 'Think Together' activities and a 'Challenge' to do - all with some adult support if possible please.  Then, on the last slide, it directs you to which page the children can complete independently or the word document that can be printed and completed by the children.   Please choose the year group of the books your child has been sent home.  If you are unsure which is suitable for your child, please do message me and check.  Thank you!

Billy Blunder - Be the teacher

This week Billy has made lots of mistakes!  Can you spot them all?  You need to pretend to be his teacher and correct them in a colour pen/pencil first.  Then show him how it should be done and re write correctly and neatly. yes


Below are this week's spellings to learn.  I have included a version for left handed writers this week as requested. 

Geography - local maps

Below are some maps of the local area.  Your child could use them to plan your daily walk routes or add symbols to them and make a key to show what they know is in their local area, their house, houses of friends or family or things they find interesting.  I have tried to include most areas, please message me if you would like a different view because your house has not been included and I can create a new map.

Enjoy your walks!  Remember to keep 2 metres away from other people and to wash your hands well! smiley

Science - fun light activities

Take a look at the activities below linked to our topic of light.

Remember, light travels in straight lines and 'white light' contains all the colours of the rainbow. cool