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Explore how songs and music are used in everyday life for different purposes, for example in lullabies, TV adverts, celebrations and festivals.

 Choose one type to explore in detail, and research online.


Think about ways in which music, especially the music of celebration, makes you feel. Consider which music and songs make them feel happy, sad or excited.


Create a poster / information sheet to explain how your chosen music makes you

 feel  - try to use exciting vocabulary.



 Create a mood board to show your favourite songs, instruments, bands, singers. Be as creative as you like!




Investigate the reflective nature of different material. 

Choose some different materials and a torch and allow time to explore their reflectiveness.

Shine a torch onto each material to see how shiny it is. Draw your own table to record your results and chose a scoring system. 



Research how much sugar and salt is in your favourite foods and research how much sugar and salt a child your age should eat each day. 


Think of any ways that you can try to eat less sugar and salt.