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Time Traveller



Tick, tock, tick, tock... the hands on the clock never stop. From the moment we are born, from toddler to teen, middle age to elderly, time stops for no man.

Find out what happens to our bodies and brains as we grow older, and how do we cope with these changes.

Tick, tock, tick, tock… the hands on the clock never stop!


The focus for our final topic this academic year we will be Art and design. We will be looking at the work of great artists such as Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali taking digital portraits and creating collages.

Across the unit we will also conduct character studies, read an adventure narrative, learn about changes in the local community, and study the stages of the human lifecycle.

Engage Stage- Week 1

This week we looked at the work of Andy Warhol (Pop Art), then we used our ICT skills and programmes such a Pixlr and 2Simple photo to change the colour, light and textural effects on digital photographs we had taken in class.

Following this we used the special effects tools on Pixlr to create our own POP ART photos.

What do you think?

Develop Stage Week 2 11.6.18

This week we looked back in history and made timelines of how everyday items such as consoles, telephones and vacuum cleaners have changed design over time.


In art and design the children looked at the features of clocks and watches, studying images and real items, in order to design their own clocks.




Develop Stage Week 4 29.6.18

Today in maths we carried out some practical measuring tasks involving: estimating amounts of liquids in different sized and shaped containers, accurate measuring and reading from a variety of scales, Back in class we also solved some scale problems and worded problems involving capacity.