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For phonics please could you revise all set one sounds first. Next, learn to blend sounds orally using word time 1:1-1:4 words. You will find the word time words on the weekly planning. Finally either with magnetic letters or the letter sound cards in your child's book bag, model how to make the words, point to each sound, say the sound and then say the word. Please encourage your child to repeat what you have done by finding the sounds, point to the sounds, say the sounds and blend sounds to read the words.


Learning to Blend at home lessons. (These videos will support the teaching of orally blending words to your child).

Monday- Lesson 1.

Tuesday- Lesson 2.

Wednesday- Lesson 3.

Thursday- Lesson 4.

Friday- Lesson 5.

Set 1 word Time Words and Set 1 Sound Mat


Please could you read the story 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson with your child. If you do not have this story then here is a link to listen to the story from You Tube. Please copy and paste the link into your browser.


What can your child tell you about the seasons? 

Stickman questioning sheet.

Children need to write facts about the seasons and draw a picture of stickman to finish off their writing. There is a Set 1 phonics sound mat in the phonics section as an aid for your child to support their writing.



You will find all the maths lessons in the weekly planning. Please find below the link for the 'where is spot?' video for Tuesday. Please copy the link and put it into your browser.



Butterfly symmetry activity