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Year 5 Maths

For the next 2 weeks we will be working on Problem solving each day using different skills that we have learned over the year. Many of the activities can be completed on the computer so there will be little printing required. The tasks can be completed in any order. Remember to read each one carefully before you begin.


The year 6's in school will also be doing some of these so look out for some of our work on the school website.





In this activity you will use your knowledge of coordinates and distance to find the hidden treasure in the least amount of moves. 

Follow the link to find the interactive activity.


If you need a reminder about co-ordinates watch this clip first.



This problem will test both your mental and written addition skills. All you will need is a pencil and paper.


Follow the link and read the problem. Next, click on the Getting Started link at the side of the page for some helpful clues and advice, then give it a go!


When you have finished and found as many solutions as possible click on the SOLUTION link at the side to see what solutions other children/ schools have found.


The problem below will test your knowledge of doubling, halving and the four operations. It is a multi-step problem that you will have to work through in stages.

I have also included the solution for you.


For this problem you will need a grid and counters. Can you find where to put each counter to fit the rules?

Circle Sums

Time for another number problem. In this problem letters are used to represent numbers- just like in algebra that we will be learning more about next year. The answers are on the second page.