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Iron Age Celtic Patterns


We explored Iron Age Celtic patterns today in our art sessions. We first had a go at replicating some original designs. Then we designed some of our own. We then used acrylic paints to paint them onto flat stones. Once dry and varnished, we're going to create our own Stone Monument. 

Let's plant some crops! 


We we used our science knowledge to our Iron Age benefit today by planting some crops! We had to prepare the soil and ground first and then dig a trench for our seeds. We chose what to plant and then sowed our seeds! We covered them over ready to see what will appear in the next few months!

Stone Circles


Today, we learnt about Stone Circles and what pre-historic people might have used them for. We looked at some that have been found by archeologists and then went exploring for some stones. We created our own, thinking about patterns they might have used! 

Australian Bushfires


We supported the WWF this week by dressing up in Australia colours or in animal print. We raised lots of money to support the animals and people displaced in the recent bushfires. 

How DO you wash a Woolly Mammoth?!


We are so proud of our instructions that we have written this week based on the story, How to wash a Woolly Mammoth! They are hanging pride of place in our classroom because they are amazing! 



We had a lovely morning testing out our position and directional knowledge by programming Beebots. We used the app on the iPads as well as matching the instructions to the shapes the Beebots created!

Holiday Homework


We were so impressed by the efforts of Sycamore for their holiday homework. We had to look at different prehistoric structures! 

How does a plant transport water?


We left carnations over the weekend in red and blue food colouring, coke and water to see what would happen. We haven't had a lot of luck with this we were amazed when we saw the results! 

Parts of a Flower


We dissected flowers today so locate th different parts. We went further than the petals, leaves and stem and looked at the male and female parts, ready to examine a flower's life cycle next week! 

How to wash a Woolly Mammoth! 


We've been adding detail to our instructions by using prepositions. We looked at the lotions and potions we could use to wash our mammoth and then added detail using prepositions. 

Milk Bottle Woolly Mammoths


To help with our learning on instructions in English, we made our own milk bottle woolly mammoths! We had to follow the instructions independently to make our models!