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Building Totem Poles


We have had a wonderful afternoon making Totem Poles! We learnt that only the Pacific Northwest Tribes used to make these amazing sculptures as they were the only ones who lived near to trees large enough to carve!

Making Dreamcatchers!


We had a lovely afternoon learning all about the dreamcatchers that the Native Americans used to make. We learnt that they thought they would act like a spider's web and catch any bad dreams like a fly and let good dreams through like air. They are now on display hanging from the ceiling in the classroom!

Native American Smoke Signals


We learnt today about how the Native American's communicated with one another over distance. They used smoke signals to send messages of warning or danger. We used this concept using light and designed our own messages using a simple circuit and a switch. 

Google Internet Legends Assembly!


We were extremely lucky today to be treated to an assembly by Google all about internet safety. It was really interactive and we had quizzes and games to play using our foam hands. We also learnt lots about how to be epic online and stay safe like a Google Legend!

I have a dream...


We learnt all about Martin Luther King this week and his famous taspeech. We talked about the terms stereotype and discrimination. We talked about how life was very different for lots of people in the time that Luther King lived. We decided on our own ideas for a speech to make the world a better place.

Fact Finding in the Iroquois Tribe


Today we used Padlet to collect information on the Iroquois Tribes! We had to scan our QR code to find out the area of their life we were researching. We then added our own facts to our group's page!

‚ÄčLighting Up Times Square


Today, we started to look at electrical circuits. We had some diagrams from of circuits and we had to work out which ones we could use to light up Times Square! It was very tricky following the symbols to make our circuit look exactly like the diagram!