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In math's this week we are continuing to look at addition, subtraction and fact families. First look at the counting back power point to make sure you know how to use the number line correctly, do the questions on the power point and the worksheet when prompted to do so.

Next make yourself a number line to 20 and use it to answer the questions on the subtraction question sheet.

Then there is a math's game to play, you will need a dice and something to use as a counter to go round your board game. See if there is anyone else in the house to play with you. There is also a question sheet you will need to fill in as you go round. Every time your counter lands on a number write it on the question sheet when you have 2 numbers see if you can work out the answer. The winner of the game is the person to finish with the most correct answers.

Finally work through the fact family power point and complete the question sheet.