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Forces and Mechanisms

This term in science we are extending our knowledge of forces to gain a better understanding of: friction, air resistance and gravity. We will also be experimenting with a range of mechanisms such as pulleys and gears.




Week Beginning 25.9.17

This week we have been learning all about air resistance by designing and constructing parachutes. The aim of our investigation was to create the parachute which fell the slowest to the ground.


We learned that objects with very different masses, but of similar sizes and shapes all fall to the ground at the same speed.

We also watched a clip about an astronaut on the moon dropping a feather and a hammer. What do you think happened?


Below are some photos showing us carrying out our investigation.

Week Beginning 31.10.17

Today we learned all about the advantages of using pulley systems. In class we became human pulleys, with a puller. We investigated the different amount of force required to pull two rolling pins together. Please see below to see photographs of our investigation.