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Exploring Ancient Worlds

Mummified Apple!


We looked at the results of our Mummified Apple this week! We had left this in a container for months in salt and bicarbonate of soda to dry out the apple. This is a similar system to the way that the Egyptian's Mummified their bodies!

Egyptian Canopic Jars


Today we finished off our own canopic jars in the style of the Ancient Egyptians. We painted tubes and then designed our own hieroglyphics to decorate them. We used clay to create our own jackel, falcon, baboon and human head for the top of the jars.

Egyptian Mummy Sausage Rolls!

To celebrate nearing the end of term and all of our hard work in assessments, we made mummy sausage rolls! We had to roll out the pastry and cut it into strips to then wrap around the sausage. We baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes and then used English Mustard to create the eyes! We loved eating them!

An Egyptian Shaduf


‚ÄčToday we have been looking at how Egyptian Farmers watered their crops. We talked about how Egypt is situated in a desert and water was scarce. We made out own Shadufs, just like in Ancient Egyptian times to ferry water from the Nile to the land. 



Tellagami Presentations on the River Nile


This week, we have been looking at why the River Nile is so important to the Egyptian people. We have researched facts about the river and then used an app called Tellagami to make presentations of our own!

Tellagami Presentations: River Nile

Egyptian Hieroglyphics


This week, Sycamore have made their own cartouche from clay and then decorated them with their names or initials in hieroglyphics!

Ancient Egypt!

Until Christmas, we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptians in our topic work. We will try to make comparisons with what life was like in Britain at the time. Stay tuned for more of our exciting topic activities!


Today we have been looking at the process of Mummification and how important it was to the Egyptians. We learnt that if the process wasn't completed correctly, the persons soul would not be accepted by the afterlife! The whole process took over 70 days to complete! 

Egyptian Timelines


Today we started our topic on the Ancient Egyptians and we talked about how we order events in history chronologically. We had to talk a lot about BC and AD and how the time works backwards from BC...very confusing! We ordered some of the events that happened in the Ancient Egyptian times. We also played Beat the Teacher on facts about the River Nile...we beat Miss Read!

Dynamic Music!


This week's music lesson has been very noisy! We have been learning about adjusting the dynamics in music, playing really quietly and then really loudly! We created our own pieces in groups making sure we included the really loud and really quiet parts. We discussed what effect that had on the sounds and story-telling. 


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Exploring Ancient Worlds! 


This term, we will be exploring ancient civilisation! We will lol at the Ice Age, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age before delving into the history of Ancient Egypt! Out literacy and topic lessons will help us to understand more about how people used to live. 


Stone Age Weaving


We have been working on some weaving using a V shaped stick and wool. We have thought about how people in the Stone Age may have woven their clothes using a loom and we tried to recreate that with our sticks! Wait and see for the finished product! 

Stone Age Cooking! 


We have made a recipe just like people that lived in the Stone Age may have done! We stewed raspberries and blueberries with honey and hazelnuts. Then we got to try some of the end result! Some of us weren't sure!!!



This week we have been investigating Stonehenge. We made predictions about what we thought the purpose of Stonehenge was and looked at how they built the structure. We learnt that 500 men were needed to pull one of the bluestones used to make the gallow sections. And they came all the way from South Wales, over 200 miles away! Wow! 

Stone Age

For our extended writing, we wrote a diary entry pretending to be a child in the Stone Age. We thought about what would fill a day and what activities they would have got up to.

Stone Age Song!

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Please start learning for our Friday Mentions Assembly!
Some tricky words to get your teeth around!

Natural Dye


Today we looked at how people in the Stone Age might have dyed their clothes and fabrics. We found that they might have used vegetables to dye their clothes. Miss Read had boiled beetroot, red cabbage, spinach and red onions and then we got to add our fabrics. Stay tuned for the results!

Cave Painting!


Today we designed our very own cave paintings! Once we had chosen our designs, we painting them onto stones, just like people from the Stone Age would have done. We enjoyed trying to tell stories from our pictures and trying to paint carefully on the stones! We noticed that the artwork wasn't very detailed...we realised why when we had a go ourselves!

What was it like living in the Stone Age?


Today in Topic, we explored what it might have been like living in the Stone Age. We thought about what activities people used to do and we role played some of our ideas. Can you guess some of the activities that we thought of?

Lascaux Cave Paintings!


Today we took an interactive tour of the Lascaux Caves and looked at some of the artwork created at the time. We learnt how they told stories of the time and were mostly of animals and humans. We researched these paintings and chose our favourites to create a class book of the images. 

The Stone Age!


This week, we have begun learning about the Stone Age. We discussed what we might do first if we had time-travelled back to the Stone Age. We prioritised our thoughts and discussed which would be most/least important. We then made TV adverts to sell a bow and arrow from the Stone Age. We had to think carefully about how we would persuade people to have our special bow and arrows and what might the advantages be of having one!

Bow and Arrow Advert

Bow and Arrow Advert

Bow and Arrow Advert

Bow and Arrow Advert

Bow and Arrow Advert