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RAF Festival of Rememberance

This year has been an important one in remembering all of those who gave up their lives during the World Wars.


Pine Class were asked to contribute to the RAF Festival of Remembrance on Wednesday 11th November at Barnes Wallis Academy. 


As inspiration for the children Mrs Kaynes and her husband shared some video footage of a 460 Squadron veteran retelling tales from World War 2, that they had met in Binbrook during the 100 year ANZAC celebrations earlier in the year. This prompted links with Australia and a tale about 'Jasper' a bowler hat!


We learned how war has affected and still affects the lives of people living today.


Here are some photos of the festival.


Mrs Kaynes, Mrs Bates and Mrs Liley were very proud of you and we received lots of compliments on the night for our performance.

Our Performance

We also wrote letters to the school in Australia that helped us with our Anzac Day research. Here are some examples: