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Plants and Growth!

‚ÄčWe can't wait to get started on our new topic of Plants and Growth and we are really looking forward to seeing how your sunflowers grow at home! Make sure you send us in some pictures so we can see how they are getting on!

Here is some extra information about growing your sunflower if you need some help!

Classification with Minibeasts! 

Today we classified our mini beasts from our hunt last week. We used a branching diagram to classify each mini beast! 


We went mini-beasting today in the sunshine! We walked to the local woodland and explored some of the habitats. We looked for insects and other creatures and took care to make sure we respected them and their environment. We had great fun collecting and looking at the under a magnifying glass! Next week, we will be classifying them according to their features and habitats! 

Science plant investigations! 


This is term in our science work on plants and flowers, the children designed their own. Investigation. They decided what they were going to investigate using the Question Machine and then planned and set up the investigation to answer their question. Some groups tested how much water a seed needed to germinate and others chopped all the leaves off a plant to see if it survived! Have a look at the before and after photos below! 

We have been growing our sunflowers for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed sending in photographs of how they are getting on! Take a look at some of the seed's progress!

In Science, we have been learning the different parts of the flower and plant. Today, we looked at the role of the stem and investigated how it sucks up water and distributes it to the rest of the plant!

Parts of a flower


In science today, we looked at the different parts of a flower. We learnt about the male and female parts and their job within the life cycle of the flower. We dissected a flower in order to see how they were formed in real life! There are a couple of links below for interactive games to learn about the different parts of a flower. 

Chicks from Rand Farm Park!


Oak and Willow Class have had some eggs from Rand Farm Park in an incubator for the last few weeks. Last week, they hatched! They have been on their holidays this morning and visited Sycamore Class! We really enjoyed having them in the classroom and loved holding them carefully!

Solar Eclipse! 


Today at 9.30am, we went outside with our pin hole cameras to watch the solar eclipse! We were very careful not to look directly at the sun and managed to see how the moon eclipsed the sun.



‚ÄčThis term in Science, we have been focusing on circuits and electricity! We have made our own circuits using buzzers, bulbs and motors and understand how electricity flows through the circuit powered by the cell. This week, we are looking at conductors and insulators!

Forces in the sky!


Today we were visited by Flight Sergeant Marcus Horry from Boston ATC . In Science we have been learning about forces and today we learnt about the four forces acting on aircraft. We then designed our own planes and tested them to find out which one was the most aerodynamic.

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