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Holiday Homework

During the Christmas break Pine Class have been very busy creating astronaut helmets and alien head gear. What do you think? I think we have a group of budding designers!



5th January


Today Pine Class have been learning more about the planets in the Solar System. We learned a song about the order of the planets, wrote mnemonics and then created our own model of the Solar System in the hall.


Wednesday 18th January


Today Pine class used a BBC dance Radio workshop on Street Dance inspired by DIVERSITY. As you can see we had a great time learning some cool moves and creating our own paired routine.

Science Investigation Monday 23rd January

This afternoon Pine Class have been investigating how craters are formed and seeing whether the mass of a meteor, asteroid or meteorite affects the size and depth of craters.



Wednesday 1st February


This week in PE we have been learning about Street Dance- focussing on Locking.

 Here we are trying out our paired routines, with a few helpful hints from 'Diversity'.



feb 17 050.MOV

Still image for this video

feb 17 052.MOV

Still image for this video

This week we have also been trying to complete our sewing project, where we have been trying to recreate the surface of the moon by using a variety of stiches such as: running stitch, back stitch, satin stitch and French knots. Some of us have even tackled trying to add applique effects and sewing on buttons or pompoms.

We will post photographs of works of art when they are all completed!

Textiles- Moon Sewing

In DT we have been learning how to create different textures using a range of stitches, applique  and sewing on buttons. Here are the results of our Moon inspired sewing.

We did a fantastic job!

Friday 10th February- Launch Day!

Today Pine Class finally got to launch their aerodynamic rocket designs. For our Innovate task this term we have researched rockets, finding out statistics about how far they travel, the speeds that they can reach and about how to power our own model versions.

As we have witnessed the power of vinegar and baking powder last term, this term we opted for air power. Barnes Wallis Academy kindly lent us their rocket launcher. Please see below to see our results.



To watch video clips of our rocket launch please look on the video sharing platform under the children's tab on the home page.