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Holiday Homework!


Thank you to all the children who contributed to our shoebox built Titanic ship! It looks amazing! You have worked so hard and learnt so much about the Unsinkable Ship! We have had rooms from all three of the ticket classes, as well as a swimming pool and boiler room! A super start to our topic!

Trip to The Deep!


We had a fantastic memorable experience visiting The Deep today! We got to explore all the different zones and took part in a workshop being Penguin Detectives! We loved going in the bubble lift through the main tank and standing in the tunnel watching the giant fish swim over our heads!

The Oceans of the World!


We learnt all about the difference between oceans and seas today. We looked at our huge world map and labelled some of the key areas, such as the continents, the equator and the tropics! We then located the main oceans of the world and labelled them on our own maps!

100% Attendance!


Well Done to all of Sycamore Class again for getting 100% attendance! We are the best germ fighters in the school! This is an amazing achievement and we get to look after Rosie and Nibbles for another week! Here they are enjoying a nibble on our radishes from the garden!

Shoe Inferences


Today we used our inference skills in Guided Reading to make decisions about a character. We had to decide on a character's job, gender, family, name, age and hobbies based on their shoes! We were given additional clues in the form of a photo and a short passage of text. From that, we had to create our own character! We loved trying to work out the clues and decide on what kind of person this was!

Who was to blame?


We've started looking into the Titanic disaster this afternoon. We looked at lots of historical sources to help us to understand what happened and why. We read some eye witness accounts and some statements from important people involved. We then had to decided who we thought was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. We were very opinionated!