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Our project this term is marching bands to get us started I want you to listen to two different pieces of music. One must have a slow beat and the other a fast beat. Try and find the beat by tapping your foot or your hand on a table. Which do you think would be easier to march too? have ago and find out. IF the must you picking is to fast or to slow try picking another one.


To get us started on the path of a Willow Class Marching band I want you to have ago at making a Shako hat, if you did this for your home work over half term well done you can skip this bit. If not refer back to the home work document for instructions.


Finally have ago at making a drum from old household items. you could use and old container and put a balloon over it, or grease paper. once you have done that put it all together and try drumming the beat of the music on your drum while wearing your shako hat.