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We arrived back after Christmas to find a strange crash landing in our classroom! Clutching our clipboards, we became crash site investigators and questioned the pieces of evidence that had been left behind, carefully recording our findings. Afterwards, we talked enthusiastically about our ideas.

We also thought it would be a good idea to ‘hot-seat’ Mrs Kennedy who had seen something turquoise run off through the school field early on Wednesday morning! After weighing up all the evidence, we concluded that an alien must be on the loose at Holy Trinity!


Next, we looked at a selection of stories and poems to discover more about these mysterious creatures. After lots of great ideas from the children, including setting a trap with pizza and turning the lights off to pretend we weren’t in, we decided to create some missing posters to find our alien. Before we put pen to paper, we looked at a selection of different posters and discussed their purpose and their different features. We then set about creating our own missing alien posters. Hopefully someone will read them and get back to us with some valuable information!


In maths this week we had an alien invasion of the numbers 0-50. We used them to help us work out more than, less than and equal to. They were also very useful in helping us to write out numbers up to 50 in the correct order. We hope they help us in our classroom again soon.


We’ve had a lovely week getting to know one another.  Miss Martin brought in a suitcase full of things which told us more about her, including a Harry Potter Christmas tree decoration and photographs of her family; did you know Miss Martin has a twin sister! We then created our own personal suitcases, cramming them full of pictures to help Miss Martin get to know us better.