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Welcome to New York!


Well James has arrived in New York on top of his Giant Peach! But he had no idea what to do there! We've helped him out and pointed him in the right direction with our non-chronological reports all about the Big Apple! 

Thank You Sainsbury's!


We've written our Thank You letters to Sainsbury's this week! We took lots of time thinking about our favourite part and all the things we learnt! They will be winging their way to the Lincoln Store as we speak!

Target Board Adjectives!


We've been writing character descriptions this week for the characters in James and the Giant Peach. We created our own target boards, with the best adjective in the middle and the least important one on the outside to represent Spiker and Sponge! Do you agree with our choices?

Foldify Packaging!


We've used the app Foldify to create our own packaging. It was very exciting and there were lots of colours and pictures we could use to decorate our designs

Subject and Verbs Game!


Today we played a game to help us to remember the subjects and nouns in a sentence. We had a sentence on the whiteboard and had to run to different parts of the playground depending on the word we said!