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Today the children started their project 'Do you want to be friends?'. The children used their talk partners to discuss how to be a good friend. They came up with some really thoughtful ideas.

Today the children had to show how to be a good friend by choosing a friend to build a jigsaw with. They had to listen to each other's ideas and take turns to complete the jigsaws

We had a discussion about people who help us in the community. We then had to think about how they might help us. The children glued pasta on paper to create a picture frame and then they had to paint a picture of someone who helps us and why. The children got very creative with their paintings and ensured they had as much detail as possible.

This week the children had to chose a friend to paint with. They had to pick a primary colour each, paint their hand and print it on paper. They then had to predict what colour their hands would make if they rubbed them both together.

This week for our project, the children have made a montage of themselves using a variety of material s. They do look fantastic!

The children have been looking closely at the patterns and lines on their hands. Today the children made hand prints using clay. Once dry the children painted them with silver glittery paint. To finish off we added a lovely poem about holding hands. What a special keepsake to have!

This term our project is called 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts' where we will explore the Autumn season.

This week we began with the children discussing what they know about Autumn and putting their ideas into a 'spider diagram'. We then went for a walk around the school grounds and carried out an Autumn hunt. The children had a fantastic time. To finish off this week, the children painted Autumn pictures. What a busy week we have had!

Today the children made salt dough hedgehogs ready to give them a home next week!

Today we made 'Pumpkin Soup' following the children's instructions they had written in their English activity. We had mixed reviews about the taste but I was pleased that they all wanted to have a try at tasting it!

Today the children taLked about Autumn and made hibernation homes for their hedgehogs

The children used leaves they had collected to make Autumn animal leaf collages.