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Week 5 Beginning 4th May

Week 5

This week the seafaring topic of Land Ahoy is all about the explorers who crossed our mighty oceans, the ships they used and the songs they may have sung.   


VE Day activities at the bottom of the page.


English and History - Captain Cook

This week, for English, the task is to write a fact file on Captain Cook.  Take a look at the resources below or do your own research too. 

Who was he?  Where did he travel to?  What were the voyages he made?  Why is he famous?  And, how did he die? (Murder??!!  - but by who?)


Science - Sir Joseph Banks - 200 Years Celebration 

Sir Joseph Banks was a scientist interested in plants who travelled the world with Captain Cook.  Find out all about him using the power point below and complete the plant activities.  

Sir Joseph Banks is famous in Lincolnshire because of his work in this area, including draining the fens for farmland and his society is based in  Horncastle.  Use the link below to find out more.

Reading Activities

This week there are two activities to choose from.  One is similar to last week with three different levels of reading and then comprehension questions and answers too and is all about Captain Cook.  The second is a Cracking Comprehension activity called  'Seas and Oceans'.

Art and Design

There are three activities to choose from this week:


One is to draw and label an old style sailing ship, you could use the DK find out site or the support below.   It is your choice if you want to do a background sea or ocean view too.


The second is to design your own flag.  It could be a pirate flag or a flag of a country, made up or real.  There are some templates and support below.


The third is to do some kind of under water art.  Have a look at the pictures below, but you could also look at books or online for underwater pictures.  Make a picture using any medium, it could be pastels, paints, crayons, water colours or even collage.

Singing - Sea Shanties

Have a go at singing these well known sea shanties (words in the documents below).  If you don't know the tune, or your adults at home don't know the tune, you could make one up or google it perhaps.  These songs would help sailors work and keep moral up and were often accompanied by an accordion.

The power point has some examples of songs too.  If you don't want a drunken sailor, have a grumpy pirate instead!   Make up your own words to the song if you want.

PSHE - One Decision

Follow the power point below to help you do chores at home and to be helpful to those who are looking after you. 


This week, Power Maths have released access to their text books.  Please follow the links below and you can access the text books to go with the lessons. You may be asked to agree to their terms and conditions.  The text books will introduce the activities so there are no power points this week.  I have prepared the word documents for the children to do following the introduction.  Please remember the lesson starts with a Discover, then the Share looks at the answers to the Discover and then there are some Together examples to complete with your child before going to the individual activities.  


Year 2 Books - This week's learning focus is Text Book C, Unit 11, Position and Direction.  There are 4 activities, leaving Friday free for VE Day activities.


Year 3 Books - This week there is one more lesson on Time, which can be found in Text Book C, Unit 11, lesson 11 on page 88, 'Measuing Time in Seconds' (using the link below).  Then I have set a daily challenge to see how many times you can do certain tasks in 1 minute. 


Year 2: 


Year 3: