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Discovering Dinosaurs

We are very excited about our first topic in Willow Class. Discovering Dinosaurs is going to take us on a journey back in time to when dinosaurs stomped around the world.


We will post lots of our exciting findings on here so please keep checking this page.

Topic Web for Discovering Dinosaurs

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Friday Mentions assembly. We hope you enjoyed celebrating the whole school's successes. Here is our dinosaur rhyme for you to enjoy at home.


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Weeks 4 & 5

What a busy couple of weeks we have had in Willow Class. We have been very excited by a discovery of bones in Tattershall by Poppy the Labrador. Please check our English work for more information.


We have been using 2d and 3d shapes in our maths lessons. We began by matching shapes to their name and properties. We have hidden shapes in bags and described them to each other and even investigated which 3d shapes were best to build a Lego house. We finished the week creating giant chalk repeated shape patterns! The children have brought shape cards home to continue practising how to spell their names.


Our English lessons have been very exciting. Following the news that Poppy the Labrador discovered three bones during her forest walk we have been busy trying to find out where the bones have come from and who they once belonged to. We carefully looked at the bones to see if we could find any clues and wrote some beautiful descriptions using adjectives to help us find some answers. We have decided that we need expert help and so are currently writing letters to Dr Taylor from The National History Museum in London to see if he can help us!


We have been looking at different animal groups and sorting them into different categories. This week we looked at Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores. We worked in groups to sort a range of different animals into the right feeding categories. It was interesting to see which animals went where.

Week 3

Thank you to everyone who joined us this week for our open afternoon. It was lovely to see so many people joining in with our tissue paper dinosaur. We have had a great week this week please look below at some of our fantastic pieces of work.



This week during our English lessons we have been doing pieces of descriptive writing. We have learnt all about adjectives and how we can use them to bring our writing alive. We started the week by reading Tyrannosaurus Drip. We predicted what was going to happen next in the story and even spotted rhyming words. We then picked our favourite character and wrote a description about it. We shared our descriptions with each other and thought of ways we could make them even better.


In our lessons this week we have been working really hard on our number formation. We have practised writing our numbers in sand, in paint pockets and on white boards. We have had number challenges and even answered questions not only thinking about the answer but also to make sure the numbers are written the right way. This is a skill we will continue throughout the term and so if you would like to practise number writing at home that would help us too.


This week in Science we have began to think about animals. We thought of lots of different common animals and then began to sort them into family groups. We looked at animals with 2 legs, animals with 4 legs, whether they had scales or fur. It was lots of fun discussing different animals and we even sorted them into Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.

Art and Design

Following on from our paper mache eggs this week we designed what we wanted our eggs to look like and then using paint we made our designs come alive. We discovered it was tricky to follow our designs and the eggs kept moving when we tried to paint them!

Continuous Provision

This week we have been using playdough to create dinosaur sculptures. It was really fun to use the cutters to make patterns in our dinosaurs.

We found some eggs in our classroom and we decided that they needed to go to the museum fast! The problem was we didn't have the right vehicle to keep the eggs safe so we decided in our construction area we would make vehicles to carry them.

Special Visitors

We were very lucky this week because we had a very special visitor. Professor William joined us to share his experiences and facts about his favourite dinosaur. Professor William told us all about his favourite dinosaur and even answered questions from the class. Thank you professor William we think you are amazing!

Week 2

The children have been working really hard this week in Willow Class. We have been continuing our work on Dinosaurs and have created some super pieces of work.



In English this week we have continued our work on instructions. We remembered that instructions need to have a title, a what you will need section, numbered steps and bossy words. We wrote our instructions on how to look after our class dinosaur Rex and they were fantastic!


In Maths this week we have been looking at subtraction. We have been learning the different symbols we use in calculations and getting used to setting out work out neatly using squared paper. This week we have practised using different methods to help solve calculations. We have used counting on and down, used cubes and even pasta!


This week we have been continuing our work on the Seasons. We have been thinking about different weathers that are associated with the seasons and what signs there are when seasons begin to change. We created pictures showing signs of Autumn and labelled the different things we think happen. We then wrote Autumn words on falling leaves.


What a fun. messy time we have had this week with paper mache. We decided we wanted to make our own dinosaur eggs and used balloons and paper mache to do this. We carefully put strips of newspaper on our balloons and covered them with the sticky paste. Next week we are going to design our decorations to go on our eggs and then create them using different materials.

Religious Education

During our Religious Education lessons we are going to be looking at Harvest time and the importance of this festival for Christians. This week we thought about different things that could be harvested in our local area and then created harvest plates of things we would like to take to our Harvest Festival.


As part of our topic 'Discovering Dinosaurs' we have been looking at how our local environment would have been different when dinosaurs were alive. We discussed how there would have been no buildings or roads, how the park would not have been there although we thought maybe the dinosaurs might have created their own park! We also thought about volcanos and different terrains. We created different environments using Lego to show Tattershall today and Tattershall in dinosaur times.

Week 1

What a busy first full week back we have had in Willow class. We have been making the most of the sunny weather and have had lots of outdoor learning.


This week during our English lessons we have been looking at instructions. We have been thinking about when we use instructions and what key features instructions have. We really enjoyed finding bossy words and practised using them in sentences. Next week we are going to write our own instructions so keep checking to see our great work.



In Maths this week we have been looking at number recognition and adding two numbers together. We have been practising writing our numbers in paint envelopes and ordering number pebbles 0 to 30. I am sure you will agree we have been working very hard.



As part of our Science topic 'Seasons' this week we went on an Autumn walk. We discussed all the things that are signs that Summer is over and Autumn is coming. We had a great time looking around our school collecting signs of Autumn.


We love to read in Willow class check us out in our outdoor reading circus tent and our reading garden!


Outdoor Learning

We have been very busy in our outdoor classroom focusing on our topic Dinosaurs.

In our sand area we used dinosaur moulds to create 3d sand dinosaurs. We had a fantastic time making sure the surface was flat and then carefully filled the shapes. It was very exciting when we turned them over to see our dinosaur coming to life!

We have been using chalks to create dinosaur footprints and then writing adjectives in the prints to describe the dinosaur that left them.

Physical Education

This week we had to think of ways we could work together as a team to put the dinosaur eggs back into the nest. Miss Burnett made things really tricky for us by not letting us use or feet or our hands. It was good to work together and find different ways to move the eggs.


This week we have been using a range of different musical instruments to recreate dinosaurs stomping through their habitat. We looked at different ways that we could use the instruments and the different sounds we could create.

Willow Classes Dinosaur Stomp

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