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Reading Ideas

Reading every day is so important! Please ensure you are encouraging a love for reading every day at home. I will update this page as and when I receive new information for reading at home. 

Please find attached some links to help integrate reading into your child's everyday learning:


David Walliams will be releasing a new 20 minute audio of The World's Worst Children everyday at 11am. Please visit the link and click on 'Elevenses' to enjoy each day. 


I have made a Willow class login for Epic! It is a great site with a wide range of books available (although it is American so some spellings and language differs). I have assigned a book about animals to link with our Science topic but whatever you choose to read, I will be able to keep track and see the brilliant reading you are doing at home! 

Username: willowclassreaders

Password: WillowClassReaders

Eggy Words 100 app. This helps the children to read words on sight without having to sound them out.