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  • I liked making my own potion and all the work on the water cycle.
  • I loved writing to Madam Pomfrey, designing a Hogwarts room through the key hole and photographing the condensation heart.
  • I loved it when we decorated our own potions and I made a hair potion.
  • I liked the Madam Pomfrey letter because it was fun to write and you got something good in return.
  • There was nothing I didn’t like, it was such a good topic!
  • My favourite thing was the very first thing I stuck in my book, when we designed our forgetfulness potion
  • Making the bubble potions was my favourite thing because we could count how long each bubble lasted for.
  • I loved the Harry Potter Studios Tour! It was epic!
  • I loved with when we went to Harry Potter Studios and when we made the Butterbeer. I loved everything we did!
  • I liked being able to create my own magical creatures and desiging a factfile for it.