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Barnes Wallis Potion Session


We went over to Barnes Wallis today for a Potions Masterclass! We made a Vanishing Potion and a Rainbow Potion. We worked with some of the science teachers and pupils and even had a little visit from the MP Victoria Atkins!

Wacky Races!


Today we investigated how 'thick' different liquids were! We learned a new scientific word to describe this, 'viscosity.' 

We had to pour different liquids down a ramp and time how long each one took to determine how viscose it was!

Ketchup Test Run

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Oil Test Run

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Fairy Liquid Test Run

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Lemonade Test Run

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Treacle Test Run

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A Solid, a Liquid or a Gas?


We had to think of our own definitions of a solid, liquid and a gas. We then had different containers of household objects to sort into each section. Some of them overlapped as we couldn't decide! More investigating is in store!

Potion Labels!


Today we had a message from Dumbledore! He had made a forgetfulness potion to make sure the Muggles, who had caught him on his walk down Privet Drive, forget him as quickly as possible! He needed us to help him to make the label for his potions bottle. We looked at some labels of some food products and quickly decided how to make our label be the best for Dumbledore! 

Dumbledore's Message

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