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Term 2 home learning week beginning 2nd November

English Learning

This week we are looking at nursery rhymes and the unusual language in them.   See the link below for examples. 

We are learning how to use dictionaries so please support your child to do this at  home.  You could start by asking them to write the alphabet.  


Words to look for include:  tuffet  curds   whey   fiddle   pail   caper  


Please listen to the story of Humpty Dumpty - What happened after the fall  using the link below, but please stop the video when he reaches the top of the wall at 2 minutes 48 seconds. 


Discuss the journey of emotions Humpty has been on.  How do his feelings change and what would you ask him at different points in the story.  Write some questions and then act them out as if you were interviewing him, maybe an adult could be Humpty, or the interviewer. 


Discuss whether he should/should not have climbed the wall.  Write some arguments for and against climbing to the top again. 


This week the children are learning about money. 

You could make a pretend shop at home and let them buy items and calculate the change. 

As well, ask your child to make an amount of money, then ask them to make it in a different way, either by drawing the coins or using real/pretend coins. 

Please see the documents below for two more lessons.