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This term for our English lessons, the children will be looking at the story ‘The Something’ by Rebbeca Cobb.

They came into the classroom to find a giant hole had appeared in our classroom!

Who could have done it?

How did the hole get in the classroom?

What is down the hole.

Is it safe?

For this lesson the children sat around the hole and thought about what animal could be down their and if it would be safe. The children then picked an animal and put it down the hole.

The parents wanted to know what the children had been learning about so far this term. The children decided to write to their parents and show them what they had been learning about. The children were learning about the Arctic and Antarctica and wrote facts about what they had learnt. We then decided to walk to the post box and post our letters.

This week in English the children are looking at the story The Enormous Turnip. They listened to the story without pictures and then acted out the story together.