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Are all liquids runny?


Today we have investigated this question...are all liquids runny? We had a target board and placed 10ml of ketchup, oil, water and fairy liquid in the middle and measured how far it spread. We recorded which zone of the target board they entered and drew diagrams of how they spread out!

Harry Potter Studios Trip!


We had an amazing time at Harry Potter Studios in London this week! We got to see all of the sets and props used in the actual films, as well as costumes and we even got to have a ride on a broomstick! Keep checking the website under the Innovate page for our follow up work...we're very excited!

We're Magic!

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Dancing Like Dobby!

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How did Mary feel during Holy Week?


We having been thinking about the Easter Week and how Mary felt at different points of the story. We used watercolours to paint these pictures using colours that echoed Mary's feelings at that point in the story. 

Sycamore's Book of Spells Grade 1


Today we have experimented with some of the spells in the Harry Potter books. We looked at the incantations, the purpose of them, and the wand movements. We got to test out the wands some of us made in our holiday homework! We then designed our own spells to add to the Sycamore Book of Spells!


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Changing States


Now we are experts on solids, liquids and gases...we have started to think about how they can move between one another and make reversible changes. We learnt new vocabulary of evaporate and condense! 

Potion Making


We've taken inspiration from Professor Snape in our first week! We designed our very own potions. We thought about what ingredients we could use and how we would use them in our potions. We then wrote our recipes of how to make them, thinking about the layout and structure of our work, as well as using the imperative voice!

Professor Snape's Bubble Potion!


Snape set us a challenge today...he had forgotten the measurements to make the perfect bubble! We had to test how much glycerine, washing up liquid and water to use to make the longest lasting bubble! 

Bath Bombs!


We had lots of fun with Oak Class making heart shaped bath bombs for our Mother's Day gift. We had to combine bicarbonate of soda with cream of tartar and a little bit of water. We flavoured them with violet or lavender and added some food colouring. We hope you liked them!

Fractions with Smarties!


We have used smarties this week to help us with fractions of quantities! We had to decide what fraction of the packet each different colour was. We then asked each other some would you rather questions to see which fraction would give us the most smarties!

Anyone for a Butterbeer?


Today, we made our very own Butterbeer! We had to whisk the cream and mix the cream soda with butterscotch syrup. We all then got to try our creations! Stay tuned for our TV Adverts later in the week!

Butterbeer Adverts

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Butterbeer TV Adverts

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Butterbeer TV Adverts

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Butterbeer Advert

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Solids Liquids and Gases


We have investigated solids, liquids and gases further this week. We felt a balloon filled with ice, water and air. We asked questions about the different objects and thought about each of the properties of each object. 

Jelly Baby Persuasion!


We were given a jelly baby today and had to persuade our partner to NOT eat it! We thought about what tactics we would use and how we could stop their temptations! 

Which house will you be in?


This week, we have been looking at persuasive writing techniques and we have written to the Sorting Hat to persuade them to put us in a certain house. This afternoon, we had a Sorting Ceremony of our own! We all got to wear the Sorting Hat and read our letters...and then we were sorted into our chosen house! We get to wear a new badge for the rest of the topic showing which house we are in!

Through the Keyhole!


We've looked at the rooms of Hogwarts from a different perspectives today. We first looked at different rooms through a cut out keyhole and then we designed our own! We had to really think about what we would see through a keyhole! We really thought about lots of detail and colour. 

Holy Trinity Booklet


We have collated all of our knowledge from our RE topic this term by creating mini booklets to share with Tattershall Church. We've given these to Reverend Sue to display for us! Go along to have a look!

WANTED! Harry, Ron and Hermione!


We've been creating our own character descriptions for the main characters of Harry Potter this week! We looked at JK Rowling's original text before having a go ourselves. We thought about using appearance and personality within our descriptions, as well as learning how to use embedded clauses! We hope you love our Wanted posters!

National Science Week - What if...the sea was gloopy like ketchup?


We pondered one of life's big questions today...what if the sea was gloopy like ketchup! We had a fantastic discussion and it was great to hear lots of ideas linking back to our previous topics! We had to think of a plus, minus and interesting point towards this question! 

National Science Week - Can we inflate a balloon?


We have had a very exciting afternoon! We were set a challenge to inflate a balloon using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! We put the balloon over the vinegar and poured in the bicarbonate of soda. This created a chemical reaction, which gave off a gas that filled the balloon!

Can we inflate a balloon?

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How do smells get up our nose?


Today we started our investigation into how smells get up our noses. We lit a candle and waited until we could smell it!

How do smells get up our nose?

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Harry Potter Word Cloud


Today, some of the children used Word Cloud to present their vocabulary for Harry Potter's character. They added their adjectives and chose appropriate colours to suit his character. 

World Book Day!


Today we have had a fantastic day celebrating our love of reading! We had a brilliant assembly from the School Council for their WERead project, a baking competition and a book quiz this afternoon! The School Council were also lucky enough to have a session with a listening dog, who they read a chapter of their book to! We can't wait to hear their feedback from the session!

Wacky Races!


Today we completed an investigation into the viscosity of liquids. We chose 5 liquids to test and set them up on a ramp! Luckily we left the treacle until the end, as this one took nearly an hour to make it's way to the bottom of the ramp! 

Treacle Time Lapse!

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Fairy Liquid

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Olive Oil

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