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Sowing Seeds for the Harvest!


We've continued to imagine that we're part of a Stone Age tribe and we decided that we needed to grow some crops in order to survive! We planted lots of vegetables and herbs in our raised beds and poly-tunnel. We can't wait to see what grows as we get into this warmer weather! 

Stone Age Monument Designs!


From our initial designs, we have now put these onto a monument design frame. Hopefully the wood carver will like our designs and choose parts of them for our school monument!

Aerial Mapping and Settlement Design


We looked at aerial maps of Tattershall and imagined that we were a Stone Age tribe trying to find a place to settle. We discussed how we would need water for travelling, drinking and as a food source and woodland to create houses and as a food source. We then decided on a location in Tattershall to position our tribe and designed it on a map!

Stone Age Drama


We're going to be writing a Stone Age adventure story this week and we're very excited to use our topic knowledge as well as lots of interesting description and vocabulary. We've used drama to investigate some of the activities we might take part in when we visit the Stone Age in our stories!

Monument Designs


For our Innovate week, we have been designing a Stone Age monument for our settlement. We will eventually help to carve this with a professional and hopefully some of our designs will make it onto the real life school monument we will construct! We've experimented with some ideas with sketching pencils to start with and we will then finalise our designs by deciding where they might go on the wood carving!