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Bright lights, big city

Welcome back to the final term of the school year. This term we are continuing our topic bright lights big city. Please see our latest newsletter attached below.

Lincoln Castle

What an amazing day we have had today in Lincoln. We began the day by having a walk around the cathedral looking at the Lincoln Knights. When we arrived at the castle our first activity was a castle wall walk. The views across Lincoln were fantastic and we learnt more about what the castle would have looked like a thousand years ago.


We then had our own mini dig looking for treasures from a long time ago. We had to use a trowel and brush to carefully brush the dirt off our objects. We then thought about what material the objects were made from and what they tell us from the past.
Our final activity was all about Knights. We looked at the different armour they had to wear to keep safe. We couldn't believe how heavy the different things were. We also looked at clothes from a long time ago we decided that we would like to be rich and so wouldn't have to wear the itchy material. We loved having a go with bow and arrows. Thank you for our amazing trip Lincoln Castle!

Weeks 4 and 5

What a busy couple of weeks we have had in school. The children have been very busy planning Marley the Meerkat a special trip around London. This week the whole school took part in a writing activity describing the events in the different seasons. Willow class produced some beautiful writing and Miah and Jessica were recognised for this through our celebration assembly. This week our good citizen is Kate for her great attitude to learning and super manners.

Cultural Day at Barnes Wallis Academy

On Monday 26th June along with other primary schools we attended a cultural day at Barnes Wallis. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to make new friends and learn more about how other children live across the globe. We took part in some great activities which helped us to understand how lucky we are.

Lincolnshire School Proms

I was very lucky to lead our school trip to the Lincolnshire Schools Prom in Skegness. The children that came with us from the school choir were fantastic and their performance was amazing! I felt very proud to be with you all and cannot wait to see the video of your performance once it becomes available from the music service.


This week in maths we have been finding fractions of amounts and shapes. We have been looking at 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 and a whole. We used different equipment to help us find the different amounts. We played a fraction game where we used a fraction dice and then had to colour that fraction of a shape in.


This week we have been using ICT to help us with our English work. Following on from our London trip which we created for Marley this week we wanted to create an information page about one of the famous landmarks. We decided to create a page all about the London Eye. We used the I pads to help us gather all the information and then created the pages using the laptops. We were able to change the font and colour of our writing and also inserted pictures to give our work the wow factor!


We have had two very exciting science investigations over the past couple of weeks. Continuing with our materials topic we decided we wanted to investigate how different things felt and what their properties would be like. We had great fun feeling chocolate spread, shaving foam, talc, vegetable oil, maple syrup and face cream. We were able to talk about the different properties of these things and how we thought they helped them do their job.

We also wanted to investigate which materials made the loudest noise. We decided that to make a fair test we would need to put different objects in a sealed container and then shake them at the same speed for the same amount of time. We investigated wood, metal, plastic, glass, rubber, fabric and wool. We made predictions for what we thought would be the loudest and quietest materials thinking about their properties to give reasons why.

Week 3

What a super week we have had this week. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our sunny sports day. We really enjoyed taking part in all the different activities and loved cheering our teams on during the traditional races. This week our Friday mentions went to Ruby and Layton for fantastic maths shape work and our good citizen is Poppy for her super manners.



This week we have been learning more about different shapes. We have created fact files so that everyone knows their different properties, we have created our own big city making buildings out of different shapes and have even created Peter Pan characters using shapes for our Peter Pan themed day!


We received a special e-mail this week from Marley the Meerkat. He asked us to help him plan a trip to London. He asked us to think about the places he could visit and the activities he could do. We decided to do some research to see what kind of things Marley might like to do and then set to work with our London maps. We can't wait to plan his route next week!

As part of our Peter Pan themed day we did our independent writing based on the characters in Peter Pan. We had to create our own story including adjectives but use some of our favourite characters. We love writing in Willow class!

Art & Design

This week we looked at the work of Piet Mondrian. He used blocks of colours to create different art pictures. We thought about how colours were made and created our own colour mixing wheels. We then discussed what we liked about didn't like about Mondrian's work before having a go at creating our own pieces.

Today we have also made some Peter Pan stick puppets. We used the puppets to recreate scenes from Peter Pan. It was a little tricky to cut out the tiny pieces but we did a great job!

Week 2

Well done to everyone in Willow class! We have had a great second week back at school. Everyone received a Friday mention today for trying so hard in our maths and reading activities. Our good citizen this week is Zack for his fantastic manners.


This week we have been looking at different measurements. We have been using the correct units of measurement and thinking about the best equipment to use to measure different things. We have been reading scales and calculating the different intervals so we know what to count in. We also recorded a group of different measurements and worked out the biggest and smallest ones.


This week we have been writing e-mails and also a thank you letter to London Zoo. We received a reply from London Zoo answering all our questions. It was great to find out more information about the different animals so we definitely needed to say thank you.


This week we have been investigating the best material to use to make Benny a waterproof coat. We looked at the properties of lots of different materials and then made predictions of which material we thought would be the best one to use. We had to give reasons for our predictions. Unfortunately some of the materials we investigated were not very waterproof and Benny got very wet! After our investigation we compared different materials deciding that material backed with a plastic coating was the best thing to use for Benny's new coat! 

Physical Education

This week we have been busy practising for sports day. We are very excited for sports day so fingers crossed the sunshine will be out on Wednesday! Please can PE kits be in school all next week so we can keep having a go.

Design Technology

This week we decided we would like to create our own city. It was of course called Willow City. We thought about the different buildings we might find in a city and what they might look like. We designed our buildings thinking about the roof, doors and windows. We then created our buildings using Lego and put them all together to create Willow City!


We had a very special visitor on Thursday. Josh our IT advisor came in to teach us all about programming. We used a program to help direct a London bus around the famous landmarks. We had to think about the different directions we needed to go in and how far we had to go in each direction.

Week 1

What a fantastic first week back we have had in Willow Class. A big well done to Holly and Dylan who both received Friday mention certificates today. Our good citizen this week is Liam who has been very kind and helpful.


This week in maths we have been learning more about using coins and notes. We have been creating amounts using different coins and made our own class shop where we had to buy things using the correct money. We designed our own bank notes and hope we might see them one day in real life!


This week we have been finding more about London Zoo. We have been using their website to find out different things about the zoo. We thought of some really interesting questions that we have e-mailed to London Zoo so fingers crossed we will get a reply soon.

Internet Safety Day

On Wednesday it was Internet Safety Day in school. We did lots of different activities about staying safe online. A special visitor came into school and we shared a story together about making the right choices. We learnt a song to help us remember ways to stay safe online.


Next week the children will take part in the national phonics screening test. We have continued to work with split diagraphs and tricky alternative sounds. The children have been working really hard in school so please will you continue to practice the real and nonsense flashcards that were taken home before the holidays?

Attendance Puppy

We have a special visitor in our classroom this week. Willow Class have won the attendance puppy for this week. We are very excited to look after him and are going to try really hard to be in school again every day next week so we can try and win him again. We are going to put our name suggestions in a hat so watch this space for a puppy name!

I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter holiday and are ready to start an exciting new topic. For the next two terms we are going to be finding out more information about London and other cities across the world. We are going to be looking at famous landmarks, events in history, transport and many other exciting things. Please keep checking our webpage to see what things we have been doing.

Week 6

What a beautiful sunny week we have had. A big well done to Adam this week who worked really hard in all areas of his assessments. Our good citizen is Max who has been working hard to help his friends. We are also sad this week as it is Lexi's last day. We hope you really enjoy your new school Lexi and remember to keep in touch.



This week we have been very busy completing assessments. We had a carousel of different activities going on in the classroom which included creating o'clock and half past times on clocks, writing the days of the week and the months of the year, sorting times into earliest and latest and timing how long it takes us to do different things. We all worked really hard and it is clear we are making lots of progress with our learning.


This week we have planned and written a recount of the Great Fire of London. We thought carefully about the different materials that were used to build houses in 1666 and how these have changed today. We focused on including adjectives and connectives in our sentences!

Design Technology

This week we looked at different skyline pictures of London. We thought about the different shapes and locations of the buildings and how we could recreate this to make our own skyline. We decided to use Lego to create our skylines and I am sure you will agree they look fantastic!


This week we have been using different musical instruments to create different sounds that we might have heard if we lived on Pudding Lane during the great fire. We thought about how different instruments could be used to create the different sounds.


We have continued our work looking at different materials. We have been thinking really hard about the materials the house were made from and why they burnt so easily. We have also been thinking about how we could have prevented the fire and how houses are build differently today. We created our own Pudding Lane using materials that we thought were similar to the ones they used in 1666. Miss Burnett took our Pudding Lane home and with a little bit of help from Chris set it on fire. We were able to see just how easily the fire spread through the houses and all the different noises that come from a fire. We used this video clip to help us with our writing! If you would like to see the full video clip please look on the video sharing platform on our school website.

Religious Education

This week Rev Margaret asked us to take part in a very special activity as part of 'Thy Kingdom Come' week. The whole school took part in a prayer walk around our school grounds. The year 6 children and school council wrote some prayers which focussed on poverty, education, health, homelessness and new beginnings. It was a great opportunity for us to think about other people and send prayers to them.

Week 5

A big well done to Zack and Ruby who received Friday mentions this week. Zack has been doing some super time work and Ruby wrote a fantastic timeline showing the events of the Great Fire of London. Our good citizen is Holly C who has been following the school rules and is always so polite.


In maths this week we began working with days of the week. We thought about ways to remember the different days and then solved problems to find yesterday and tomorrow. We then looked at the different months of the year. We need to keep working on these so please can you help your child at home? We sorted the months into the different seasons and thought about different things that happen in each month. We then moved on to creating o'clock times and half past times. We used clocks and then drew our own times onto blank clock faces.


This week we continued our work on The Great Fire of London. We began by making notes on the key events within the great fire. We then used these notes to help us sort some jumbled cards so we knew on which day the different things happened. On Wednesday we began designing our own time lines thinking carefully about what happened on each day and how we could present it neatly in our books.


This week we have been looking at maps. We have been using the key and different symbols to find things on different maps of London. We looked at maps from today and also maps from the 1800's to see how things have changed.

Design Technology

This week we have been following our designs and created our 3d models of different types of public transport in London. We used different materials to create wheels and axis. We covered our boxes to create different effects.

Look at our finished models!
We have also made our very own Pudding Lane. Please check out our website next week to see what we do with it!

Week 4

Well done to the whole of Willow class who received a Friday mention for their super work and behaviour this week. Max and Charlie have work displayed on the celebration walls and Harry is our good citizen for following the school rules and been kind to others.


In maths this week we have been solving word problems. We have been looking at ways to find the information we need and then write down the number sentence so we can solve the problem. We looked at problems that used all four number operations. It was good fun using different equipment to help us.

We also used apps on the Ipads to help us with our problem solving skills. We really enjoyed the time trials and tried to beat our best scores!


This week we have been finding more out about the great fire of London. We have discovered what happened in the fire and how they finally managed to put it out. We had to sort some mixed up instructions to be able to bake our own bread. We finally had to edit the instructions as someone had made some silly spelling mistakes. We used dictionaries to help us with our editing. It was really interesting looking at all the different words.

Design Technology

As part of our work on the great fire of London we discovered that the fire started in a bakery. We wanted to have a go at making our own bread rolls and so we followed instructions very carefully to make bread. It was lots of fun especially the tasting part a the end!


This week we have been thinking about where different foods come from. We had lots of different images of different foods and we had to sort them into different categories. Each group chose how they wanted to sort the different foods and our results were very interesting. We realised that lots of different things come from animals.

Week 3

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for Friday mentions today. Well done to Layton and Holly who received mentions for fantastic doubling work and super question writing. This week we have displayed maths work from Lexi and writing from Liam. Our good citizen this week is Kate who has shown great friendship skills and is trying really hard in all areas of her learning.


In maths this week we have been learning more about doubling and halving. We recognised the multiplication and division symbol and understood about having equal groups. We have used lots of different strategies to help us this week but our favourite was drawing the numbers out in dots.


This week in our English lessons we used the book 'This is London' to help us learn more facts about our capital city. We learnt about the different landmarks and ways to travel around. We then used these images to create super sentences including connectives to talk about different methods of transport. We ended the week creating questions that we would like to ask Theresa May. We thought about questions that were not about her job but rather the things she does in London.


This week we have been looking at maps of London. We have learnt more about compasses and about different directions we can travel in. We looked at the location of different famous landmarks and described what other landmarks were near by.