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Week 11 beginning 22nd June

International Olympic Day 2020

Olympic Day is memorialised across the world on 23rd June and has been celebrated annually over the last two decades. 

It was first introduced back in 1948 to recall the birth of the modern Olympic Games on the 23rd June, 1894, in Paris. 

Thousands of people across all age groups gather together to celebrate by taking part in cultural and sporting activities such as running, music, dancing, debates, essay writing and more. 

It's main goal is to encourage participants in Sports all over the globe, despite age, gender and athletic ability.

This week, the Oak Class activities are all about the Olympics to recognise this event and to, in some small way, celebrate the Tokyo Olympic Games, even though they are postponed until July 23rd 2021.


Get in to the Olympic spirit by watching these videos:   USA Women's 4x100m Relay wins gold  Men's Hockey Great Britain vs Pakistan, London 2012 Olympics   Usain Bolt Breaks 3 World Records | Beijing 2008 Olympics    GB gymnastics -Max Whitlock - Floor Routine | Rio 2016 Medal Moments   Jessica Ennis-Hill: My Rio Highlights


When you have completed a number of Olympic related activities, you may want to have the certificate below to show you have taken part in International Olympic Day. laugh


English Activities

Please choose from the activities below.  All have an Olympic/Paralympic theme.

Mascot Story



Write an adventure story with Miraitowa as the main character. 

Ideas for the story could be:

  • that he takes part in a sport, such as a race, but something happens and he has to overcome it, it could be that someone (the baddie mascot) cheats or changes the route or sabotages is equipment - does he win in the end?
  • that he starts off as a normal boy/girl and then changes into the mascot maybe by going in a changing room like Mr Benn, or finding a magic key like Biff and Kipper, or falls down a hole or portal.  Perhaps he could go 'into' a mascot game on the computer.  Remember to turn back into a boy/girl at the end - did he/she bring back a souvenir?
  • that he is your toy mascot that comes to life and helps you in some way

Use the planning grid below to plan your story's beginning, middle and end.


Your Favourite Olympic / Paralympic Sport


You could produce a 'fact file' or information booklet or text all about your favourite sport.  You could research using the internet (with adult support).  There are some ideas for sports in the picture cards below.  Alternatively, use the link below which has the full list of sports for Tokyo 2021.     List of all sports with information when you click on the icons   list of paralympic sports


Instructions for How to Play a Sport


Another option is to write a set of instructions for how to play a sport, or the rules of the sport.

Remember to include an list of equipment - 'You will need' list too. 

Don't forget health and safety tips too!


Sporting Hero Biography


Write a biography or fact file about a sporting Olympic or Paralympic hero.  You can research your favourite or find out about someone new.

Some ideas for sports stars can be found on the Tokyo home page (link below).   If you want to find a Team Great Britain member  If you want to find a Paralympic GB Team member (if you are not sure of their name, click on the Go To Sports and choose from there.


Olympic or Paralympics Fact File


You may want to write a fact file or information text all about the games themselves.  Use the documents at the top of the page, or the official websites for the games to support you. 

Write about which parts you find interesting. 

You may want to include the Olympic / Paralympic values and say why they are so important.   See the power point document below to find out what they are.



Holy Trinity Sock Olympics

Please see details on the document below.  Scores can also be recorded there.

For demonstration videos, please see the Olympics subpage, on the Sports webpage under the Children's signpost, where, Mr Brown (and pet) skillfully demonstrates each activity. laugh


Get Set To Eat Fresh - With Team GB

The following resources are from the 'Get Set To Eat Fresh' website in partnership with Team GB who have created free materials to support young people aged 5-14 in developing thier understanding and love of fresh, healthy food.   Please see the documents below for the activities. 

For further information and activities go to the website:



Investigate Fresh Food Experiments - 3 different experiments: Browning Apples, Foaming and Fizzing, Thickening and Setting (involving custard).



Using the document 'Olympic Host Guide Information Sheet' take a look at the different locations around the world that the Olympic Games have been held in.  Choose one and find out facts about it.  Get an adult to help you research using books or the internet.

Then complete the 'Food From Around the World' fact sheet.

Finally, research a recipe from the country and see if you can make it then write instructions for it using the 'Recipe From Around the World' sheet.  

(Remember, the Olympics have been held in London three times so you could always choose England or Great Britain if you are finding another country tricky to research.)

You may want to find out about  more than one country!   A BBC website with food from around the world.




This week I have added a document with some worded problems that are linked to the Olympics and that cover a wide range of maths skills if you would like a challenge.


I have also added some consolidation work on telling the time for each year group as an extra choice. I have included a Year 1 document because some children find telling the time a tricky concept .


If you have the Power Maths practice books at home then please do the units below depending on which year group you have.  

Remember you can access the power maths text books online using the links below in order to introduce each activity.   (You may need to agree to the terms and conditions again)


Year 2 - Spring Text Book C - Unit 14 - Mass (weight) - Lessons 1 to 4

Year 3 - Spring Text Book C - Unit 13 - Mass Lesson 6  and then,  Unit 14 Lessons 1-4 Capacity


If either of these units are tricky because of weighing or volume equipment please try the Summer Home Edition or the Time Consolidation activities instead.


Also available on the links are the Summer Maths Home Edition versions of Power Maths with different units each week.  The online resource includes the introduction slides and the pupil practice questions.  I have again prepared the questions on word documents below for ease of use.


Year 2 Summer Maths Home Edition - Week 6 - Properties of Shapes

Year 3 Summer Maths Home Edition - Week 6 - Fractions (continued again!)


Link to Year 2 Resources  


Link to Year 3 Resources

Design a Mascot



An Olympic mascot is more than just a simple design.  A lot of thought goes into deciding how the mascot looks.  Some mascots even have their own biography!

Your challenge is to design a brand new Olympic mascot for a city of your choice.

Find out facts about the city and try to include these in your design.

You must come up with a name for your mascot, may be even a story too!

Use the document below to help you plan your ideas.

Design An Olympic Medal

Have a go at designing your own Olympic Medal.   Below are pictures of some different medals from past olympic games for inspiration.   There is a blank template below.


Top Tips

You may want to use a piece of scrap paper to jot down some ideas, then when you have decided, sketch it first, lightly, then go over it when you are sure about your design, then colour the medal.


Things you may also want to think about:

Is it gold, silver or bronze?

Which country are your made up Olympics taking place in?  Is it Tokyo, Japan?

Which sport is it for, or will it be for all sports?

Is it for the Paralympics?

Will there be a different front and back?

PSHE - Olympic Linked

Please see the documents below for two activities from the Get Set Tokyo, Travel to Tokyo Home Learning website (link below if you want to find further activities - and there are lots!)

One is about kindness, the other is about connecting with older people.  

A further range of fun activities linked to the Olympic Values can be found in the 'Get the Values' document.

There is also a Summer Holiday Pack document attached.    


National Schools Sports Week