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Week 12


This week you are finishing your unit on time by completing the Power Maths end of unit check.  You are then going to move onto your unit on money. Ask an adult if they have any spare coins that you can use for these activities and put them in a pile ready for lots of discussion! The activities are a mixture of Power Maths and other resources which are attached below. 



Please write 2 of the spellings each day into 2 separate sentences so that by the end of the week you have 10 sentences containing each of your 10 spellings. (Spellings can be found on the 'Spelling' sub page under 'Week 12').


Do not forget that these sentences need capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Get the children chanting it at home like they do at school! Also remind the children to use 'phoneme fingers' in order to sound out and spell their words.


Extended writing:

This week you will exploring the Where The Wild Things Are story. You will be writing descriptions using great adjectives. The more 'terrible', the better!