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Blood Heart

Crimson, burgundy, scarlet, cherry... blood flows through our bodies in all its vibrant shades of red. This term we will be learning all about our circulation system.


Now don't be squeamish, as we dissect an animal heart and examine the veins, arteries and chambers up close! These are all essential in moving blood around our bodies.


We will be finding out how to keep our hearts happy with cardiovascular exercise and healthy food. We will design and carry out investigations based on pulse rates and try to spot patterns in our results.


In art we will be creating 3D models of hearts, which we will then label using scientific vocabulary. We will then use these models (along with additional research) to write an explanation text about the heart and its function within the human body. 

Tuesday 25.2.2020  Art

We worked as partners today to create a plasticine model of a human heart; then placed the model on a whiteboard to label the chambers and components of this hard-working organ, as we learn how it works and why.

(Kyle and Lilli)


Please see the photographs below to see how we did.

PE - with JB Sports Friday 28th February


Today due to the adverse weather, Pine Class were lucky enough to experience  an 'Inclusive Sports' session with Mr Brown.

We learned about sports that all people can play, even if they have a disability.


We tried: Goalball, Boccia and curling. It is important to exercise to be healthy.

Look at us in action!

Friday 6th March

Today in Friday Mentions the year 5's were presented with their Bikeability certificates and badges.

Here they are...