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Dinosaur Planet

We came back after half term to find a rather suspicious egg in our outdoor area. We decided to take care of the egg and see what hatched from it. Cracks gradually appeared and out popped Tiki the Triceratops! Tiki has decided to go home with each child in the class to see what adventures she can discover. 
We investigated carnivore, herbivore and omnivore teeth and decided why they would need sharp and blunt teeth depending on the food they eat. We then moulded sharp and blunt teeth out of clay, painted them, sorted them into herbivore and carnivore teeth and placed them on a dinosaur skull. Carnivores have teeth at the front of their jaws and omnivores have teeth at the back. 
We used plastercine to make fossils, our new tyres to make small world dinosaurs lands and lots of split pin dinosaurs to go up on display with the amazing holiday homework that got brought in. 
We came in so excited by the frosty morning that we decided to go out and explore the affect it had on our outdoor area. We predicted it would melt from the sun and when we came out at break time the frost was gone! 
We went on a fact hunt around the hall to match questions and answers. We split into 3 groups and try and find mixed facts all about the Dinosaur Age. This helped us a lot when we wrote our fact files. 
We had a ball meeting Jam the dinosaur and learning all about adjectives with Joe and Sam. We then made films using a green screen and couldn't believe it when a dinosaur was chasing us!