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Hola Mexico!

17.4.18 Design and Technology- Evaluating and Modifying existing products

Mexican Drinks


This week Pine Class have tasted a traditional Mexican drink called, Agua Fresca' made with limes and watermelon. They then worked in groups to decide on how to improve the recipe by experimenting with different fruits.





The 'Day of the Dead' festival

In English,  Pine Class have been looking at Mexican festivals. We then focussed on 'The Day of Dead', which is a three day festival where people celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have sadly passed away.


Additionally, we then created 3D masks to reflect the mood of the festival. Here are some of our designs.


Ancient Mayan Sculptures and the work of Frederick Catherwood

In art we have been looking at sketches, prints and painting by Frederick Catherwood, who was one of the first people to document artefacts from ancient Mayan ruins.


After studying his artwork we looked at them to draw some provisional sketches before creating some 3D Mayan inspired sculptures. The children worked well on these and as you can see, had some fantastic results!