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Spring Term 

Creative Games

This half term in PE we are looking at Creative Games Making.

Today we started off with the basic Tig game and adapted it in small groups.

First, we needed to ensure that all players were kept involved at all times. Then we introduced that a ball had to be incorporated into the game.

Finally, we tweaked our games to ensure that we all got a fair turn and that there was a clear goal- way of winning!


Here we are in action. 

Week 3 Invasion Games

Today we worked in groups and were tasked to create a new game that used both our attacking and defending skills.


We were allowed only the following equipment:

  • hoops
  • a ball
  • bibs
  • cones

Once we had agreed on our rules we tested our games and than spent time adapting and improving them.

Invasion Games- Hockey



This term in hockey we are working on revising and extending our hockey skills. This week we looked at the 'Ready Position' and how to hold the hockey stick correctly. 


We also talked about the dangers of using hockey sticks and hockey balls. When playing hockey sticks cannot he raised above knee height!


Following this, we then tried to see how well we could control the ball around some slalom cones.


Gymnastics with JB Sports

This term we are working on improving our gymnastic skills with JB Sports.


Week 3

This week we are looking at jumping! We have learned how to correctly carry out a pike jump, tuck jump and a scissor jump.

Week 4

This week we have been learning about pencil, log and Teddy Bear rolls.

We were given a demonstration and then took it in turns to give each a try! Some of us were rather good by the end of today's session.

Week 6 - Assessment Week

This week we have been assessed on our performances of the balances, rolls and jumps we have learned so far this term.


Some of us were able to give amazing performances, which have been filmed and can be seen on the video sharing platform.


This term we are working on our Striking and Fielding skills- relating this to cricket.


Week 2

This week we honed our throwing skills by practising our aim, trying to hit targets and throwing different distances using both under and overarm throws.

Week 3

This week Miss Cole had us working on our striking skills along with our fielding skills. We used a lomg barrier to held stop the ball.