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Spring 2 A Child's War

Week 3 Beginning 8th March

This week we are learning about 'The Battle of Britain' and 'The Blitz'. 

In English we have read newspaper reports about the Coventry bombing and used these as inspiration to start planning our own World War II newspaper reports about the Blitz.


In music we have been trying to learn Makaton signing to Mamma Mia, so we can sing through signing and have also been improvising rhythms.



Week 2 Beginning 1st March 2021

This week we've been focusing on Propaganda! 

In English we have been learning about slogans and puns and have planned and created our own posters aimed at children during World War II.


In DT we have learned about food rationing, tried some wartime recipes and planned a weekly menu for a family. We have created our own Anderson Shelter models and researched how real shelters were made. 


In history we have looked at the 'Blitz' in greater detail and created leaflets to inform people how to keep safe during a bombing raid.


Please see the slideshow below with examples of work we have produced this week.

Week 1 beginning 22.2.21 Evacuees

This week our main focus has been on learning what it was like to have been evacuees. We have started reading our Class Story 'Carrie's War' and have enjoyed finding out what life was like for Carrie and Nick.


In English we have focused on formal language and two tier vocabulary, with the aim of writing home as an evacuee.


In history and geography, we have learned about safe and dangerous areas of the UK, learning that the major cities were heavily bombed during the Blitz. We looked at images from the newspapers of the time to see the devastation caused in Hull, London, Birmingham and Coventry.


Please take some time to look at our examples of work below:

Work based on key events during the war and the need for children to be evacuated.

Here are some examples of our evacuee letters home.