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Healthy Selfies!


We've been getting healthy outside of school this week! Sycamore were challenged to take a Healthy Selfie of themselves doing something active or eating a well balanced diet! We have had some amazing selfies sent to us...keep it up Sycamore!

The Functions of our Foods


We deepened our knowledge of the Eatwell Plate today by learning what each section of the plate provides for our body. We had to match the food types to the function in for our body! 

New York Factfiles!


We are so proud of our writing this week...we've finished our factfiles for James Trotter all about New York! We thought about all the features of a non-chronological reports and shared all our wonderful knowledge on the Big Apple!

Lincolnshire Coop Fairtrade Talk


We had a wonderful morning with Ryan from Lincolnshire Coop to discuss Fairtrade and healthy eating. We looked at different products sold by the Coop and how to identified whether things are Fairtrade or not. We got to taste some of the fruit and chocolate too! 

Fruit and Veg Creations!


Wow! Look at our amazing finished creations! We painted our fruit and veg models this afternoon following our designs. We can't wait to put our plans into action for our packaging tomorrow!

Clay Fruit Models


Today we started our art project of designing and creating our own new fruit or vegetables! We have been looking at lots of different pieces of fruit and vegetables and then thought about how we would create something new. We then adapted this to create it out of clay. Next week, we're going to paint these ready to design it's packaging in D&T!

Mr Twit Pizza Beards!


Today we created our Pizza Beards in the style of our favourite disgusting character....Mr Twit! We planned what toppings we wanted to create our faces, and we also had to make the dough for our base. We had to think about adapting our plans as well to make the perfect face! We hope you enjoyed cooking and eating them!

Know, Wonder, Learn...New York City!


Today, we finished the story of James and the Giant Peach and found out that James made it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City! We are going to be writing some non-chronological reports all about the Big Apple, so we created some Know and Wonder grids to start off our learning!

Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge!


What evil Aunts James Trotter had? We've been learning how to use adjectives in character descriptions to be able to describe the delightful Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge! We collected adjectives into a Word Cloud and then decided on which layout and colours worked best for these evil creatures!

Chocolate Making Workshop


What a fantastic day we had yesterday! Debbie from The Homemade House came to visit us and shared her passion for chocolate! We learnt about where chocolate comes from and what the cocoa bean looks like. We got to try some Cocoa Nibs...which were very bitter and learnt that chocolate gets it's sweet taste from the sugar. We then practiced our D&T skills by piping melted chocolate into button shapes and decorating! They were delicious!

Roald Dahl Day!


We were very lucky to take part in the BBC Teach Live Lesson for Roald Dahl Day this morning. We joined in with all the activities and even got a mention on the conversation page! 


Follow the link below to re-watch the lesson, and check out our Twitter page for more pictures and videos of our work!

Vegetable and Fruit Sketching


We have had a lovely Friday afternoon sketching different types of fruit and vegetables. We then used oil pastels to shade, give colour and add detail. We can't wait to display these in the classroom!

Shared Reading


We finished off a long week with a lovely shared reading session with Willow Class. We heard Willow children read their reading books in the sunshine and then got to write in their Reading Records! We loved listening and helping them with our own knowledge!