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Bikeability 10th and 11th July

This week Year 5 have been carrying out their Bikeability Training and I'm very pleased to hear that they were all very engaged in the training and managed to pass both Level 1 and Level 2.


Well Done Year 5!




Internet Safety Day  7th June 2017

 At school today we were very lucky to have a visitor to talk to us about how to keep safe using the internet. Pine Class had a great discussion about how technology has changed since the time when Mrs Kaynes was their age. If she wanted to talk to a friend she had to use her home phone, or even more shocking- walk to their houses for a chat!


We then talked about what types of things we do on the internet and the sites that we use. We all agreed that most of the sites we used were for our enjoyment or learning, whilst also mentioning age limits on some that required our personal data.


We learned lots of useful facts to keep us safe and why the rules are there.

Science Week - 13th March

Plane Investigation- 16.3.17

Today Pine Class had the opportunity to test the paper planes we made earlier this week. We wanted to find out which design would stay in the air the longest.

Here is what we did:

Our results  (in seconds) were as follows:


5th place with an average of 1.07 were Dragonflies

4th place with 1.14 were The Bullets

3rd Place with 1.27 were The Condors

2nd place with 1.72 were The Bulldogs and in

1st place with 2.17 were... The ARROWS!



march ipad 055.MOV

Still image for this video

march ipad 046.MOV

Still image for this video


Sublime Science- Sodium Sam (15.3.17)

Today Pine Class took part in a Science Workshop where we learned:

  • how to make slime
  • how heat and air make things float
  • that you can bounce bubbles on materials, but not on skin as we have hairs that pop them
  • How to make sounds using a THUNDER DRUM and  solid metal pole (using friction)


Lincoln City- Red and White Day


Today was a sea of red and white in Pine Class, as we all showed our support for Lincoln City in their match tonight.


We were lucky enough to be visited by 'Look North' and we look forward to seeing ourselves on the television later tonight. Some of the class even took part in a live radio broadcast!


In maths today we carried out some football themed data handling activities where we sorted world flags from football championship teams onto Venn Diagrams, Year 6 tackled some tricky matching the matches problems, where they had to try and match data represented in: pie charts, frequency diagrams, bar line charts and pictograms with accounts of how many goals were scored by each team.


Please see the results below  of examples that the children created.


World Book Day 2017

Today we had some very peculiar character's appearing in Pine Class.

What a great effort Guys!

Friday 25th November

Google Internet Safety Assembly

Today we were really excited as we had a visit from Google, who transformed our school hall into a multi-coloured, theatre. Danielle and Matt gave a great assembly with strong messages about keeping safe on the internet. Pine Class all want to be Internet Legends!

Here are some photographs of us taken during the event, which was attended by Victoria Atkins MP.


Google Assembly

Monday 21st November

Today Pine Class were visited by Max Respect, who gave us a talk on the importance of wearing seatbelts.

Delphine challenged us to work in teams to construct a car out of: two sheets of paper, tape and bubble wrap that would protect and egg passenger.


Please look though our photos to see our designs.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video