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Tennis with JB's Sports 

Oak Class are really enjoying learning racket and ball skills through tennis coaching.  We have learned how to sidestep, show a ready position and how to hit a fore arm shot so far.  


In gymnastics we have been learning about different ways to travel.  We have learned different words to describe travelling and have been applying them to our movements.  This include: straight, forwards, backwards, zig zag, diagonal, leap, jump, hop, skip, run, tip toes, and specific ways to travel including: crab, crocodile, bear and caterpillar.  This week we applied these to travelling across the benches and also learned how to bunny hop over the benches.  

We have been learning ball skills with JB Sports every Friday.  We can pass, dribble, perform different turns and use a variety of skills to compete in lots of games that Mr Brown has taught us.  We had great fun outdoors and we never noticed the cold weather because we were so active and busy.