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Home Learning 24-25.03.22

English - How to make a sandwich

We are learning in class how to make a jam sandwich and then to write instructions so that we can tell others how to do it too. 

Please practice making a sandwich (with an adult)with a filling of your choice.  

You could take photos of the order in which you do things and note down any words that you might need for your instructions.

Then write a set of instructions. 

Things to include: 

  • a You will need - list of ingredients and equipment
  • safety tips - hand washing and knife safety
  • numbers to order your instructions
  • time adverbials - words like:  First,   Then,  Next,  Finally
  • imperative (bossy) verbs - words like:   wash  open  put    cut   spread  
  • adverbs - to say how to do things - words like:  gently   carefully   slowly  

You could photograph your instructions and send them through Dojo.

Maths - power point with notes and the questions to answer