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Oak Class Citizen Awards

Corey became our Citizen this week due to an act of kindness and compassion for a friend who was upset.  Nice one Corey!
Maxwell is our Citizen for his kindness, politeness and good team work.  Well done Maxwell, you have been our citizen more than once!
This week Joshua is our citizen because he has been kind to children at the friendship stop, very helpful in class and respectful to adults.
This week, 28th April, Lilli is our good citizen because she is so respectful to others.
Term five's first good citizen is Tilly Sue for her gentle kindness and consideration for others.
More good citizens in Oak Class include Maxwell, George and Jonathan for their kindness, good manners and generosity.
Alice received her Citizen Badge because she is really respectful of school property.  She is always tidy and helpful.
Molly received her Citizen Badge because of her kindness and helpfulness.


Frankie received the Citizen Award this week because he always follows the school rules, is kind, mature and a good example to others.


This week our good citizen is Cameron, who is kind and helpful to others.


Shane showed great kindness this week, congratulating others on their success and helping those in need.


Isaac is our Citizen of the Week this week for being kind to others.  He wished the Year 2s had a lovely party, even though he was not going to it himself.