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Stone Age Clay Pots


Our clay pots have finally dried enough to handle from our Flag Fen trip! We used a similar technique to pre-historic to create our own pot. We decorated them using natural materials to make imprints and patterns. 

Samba Drumming Workshop


We have had a great term of visitors and experiences so far! Today was the turn of BeatFeet's Njega, who came to give us a fantastic Samba Drumming workshop. We loved having the opportunity to play different instruments and we were lucky enough to be chosen to play to the parents! 

Samba Drumming!

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Samba Drumming!

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Stone Age Boy Drama!


We've been reading the story of The Stone Age Boy in our English lessons. Today, we looked closely at the part where him and Om reach the entrance to a cave. We discussed how this might feel and then we used role play to decide what might have happened when they crossed into the deep dark cave!

Parts of a Flower


Today the children have dissected a flower in order to locate and name it's different parts. We learnt how flowers have male and female parts to help them to reproduce and we identified them in a real tulip!

Animals Uk Session


FOS entered a competition to win an animal handling session with Animals Uk and we won! This morning, every class had a handling session with a selection of their animals. We met Daisy the tortoise, Angus the Lesser Tenrec and Kiwi the Bermese Python! 

WE Day!


Four members of Sycamore Class, and members of the School Council and Christian Committee, attended a WE Day concert at Wembley Arena in London this week. They have been rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the WE Movement through our WE Club. They had a fantastic day listening to all the inspirational speakers and singers! We are now ready to change the world!

The Fossil Man!


We had a fantastic visit from Jules Howard, the Fossil Man today! We learnt about where fossils would be found and how we can use them to identify facts about the history of our world. Jules was also very impressed with the mammoth bones we have in our classroom! A very informative day!

Flag Fen Visit


We had a fantastic visit to Flag Fen Pre-historic site at Peterborough. We learnt all about the Bronze Age times and how they have discovered more about how people lived. We looked at real and replica artefacts, and ordered them into each time period. We also made our own Bronze Age pot from clay, using images of what archeologists thought they would have looked. We also got to see the remains of the causeway discovered there...and how it took them over 400 years to build and has been preserved underwater for thousands of years! We ended the day in the Bronze Age Roundhouse with a fireside story!

Cave Paintings!


We have finally finished our cave paintings! We used ideas from paintings that have been discovered across Europe to design our own and then used oil pastels to create our designs!

Timeline Ordering!


Today we have ordered the pre-historic times! We had a giant timeline and discussed the terminology of BC and AD. We ordered the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages in time order and looked at some of the key events!

Mammoth Bones!


We have been very lucky to have received mammoth bones to display in the classroom for our Topic from Aggregate Sand and Gravel pits! These were discovered at the site in Kirkby-on-Bain and we have loved having a look at how big their teeth were!