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Chocolate Rocks!


This week, we have learnt about the Rock Cycle by making our own chocolate rocks! We started off with layers of white and milk chocolate and then we applied pressure to make a sedimentary rock. We then used our fingers to provide heat to the rock, this changed it into a metamorphic rock. We then dipped them into boiling water and let the cool to imitate an igneous rock! We loved this activity, especially eating our chocolate rocks!

Witness Statements!


We have been very lucky to obtain some 1:1 interviews with some of the munchkins who witnessed the terrible incident in the Land of Oz earlier this week. I wonder which quotes we will use for our news paper reports? 

Munchkin Witness 1

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Munchkin Witness 2

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Munchkin Witness 3

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We've continued our learning about all the Natural Disasters and moved on to Tsunamis. We learnt about how they are formed and what to do in an emergency....definitely NOT take a selfie! We then built our own houses to try and withstand our very own tsunami wave! 

Tsunami Demonstration

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Who killed the Wicked Witch of the East?


Today, we became Police Officers trying to solve the crime in Munchkin Land! We were presented with lots of evidence and we had to decide what it told us about the news story. We will be writing up our thoughts as a news report in the coming days, keep an eye on your local news outlets in the Land of Oz...

Tornado or Twister?


We have been continuing to learn all about different natural disasters, this week, Tornadoes!


We learnt all about Tornado Alley in America and watched a real storm hunter track tornadoes across the plains. We then looked at this demonstration to visualise what a tornado would actually look like!

Tornado Demonstration

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Keep Calm, it's only a Drill!


We pretended to live in an Earthquake Hot Spot today and learnt how people would stay safe if there was an Earthquake! We learnt about ensuring to get underneath a table or desk, cover our heads and neck with our arms and stay away from the windows. We had a little drill of our own...we weren't very calm though! 

Earthquake Drill!

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Explosive Poetry!


We have presented our poetry on our volcanic artwork and it looks amazing! We are so proud of our writing and how great it looks on our artwork! 

Volcanic Explosions!


Today we made an awful lot of noise! We looked at different instruments and how we could recreate the sounds we might hear when a volcano erupts! We hope you like our performances!

Volcano Music

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Volcano Music

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Volcano Music

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Volcano Music

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Volcano Music

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Pompeii Diary Entries


We wrote some fantastic diary entries based on the story, Escape from Pompeii. We really enjoyed learning all about how Roman people used to live and then what it would have been like to live through a huge eruption! We re-drafted our work and wrote our polished piece onto tea-stained paper to make our diaries look authentic! 

Experimenting with painting styles


We've been creating some volcanic art this week! We first had to experiment with different techniques to show different effects. We had a pom pom paintbrush and a fork to try...we used our sketch books to document this and give us ideas for our final pieces towards the end of the week!

SCEM Grid Poetry


We created our own SCEM (Sound, Colour, Emotion and Movement) grids this week, and then we wrote our own poetry. We took one idea from each section, and then wrote a line for our poem. First, we wrote a class poem and re-ordered it to make sure it had good rhythm and it flowed. Stay tuned for some of our final poems towards the end of the week!

Popplet Diary Planning


We've used the app Popplet this week to help us to plan our multi day diary entries! We thought about what our 'normal' day in Pompeii would be like, then the day of the eruption and how we escaped. This app helped us to organise our ideas into easy to follow sections!

Puzzling Perimeter!


We've been learning all about perimeter this week! These two groups went outside and were given a shape's perimeter. They had to then work out what the shape could have been! Lots of great team work, even in the very cold weather!

How do Fossils form?


We started an investigation last week trying to answer this question. We sandwiched some gummy snakes between slices of bread and left them with some heavy books on the top for four days. We got to see the results today! The white bread represented the ocean floor and the brown bread represented the sediment that would pile on top of a dead creature. We could see definite imprints from our gummy sweets!