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How good are you at solving riddles? Let's find out!


The scene is set and the Alchemist has a riddle for you. Can you solve it to find the start of our adventure?


Week 2- 7th November 2016


This week Pine Class have received a letter from The Alchemist asking them to write reports about gold.

We carried out research on the internet to find key facts and have started to draft our ideas using subheadings and formal language.

These will written up in neat and a copy will be sent to the Alchemist to help him with his experiments.



Alisha reading the Alchemist's letter

This week we also been creating fantasy portal images using photographs we took while we were on our castle trip. Here is an example made by Daisy.


To hear our compositions for  portal music please visit the video platform.

Thursday 10.11.16


Today we received a mysterious delivery from our Alchemist friend- a bag full of samples from Alchemy Island.

The Alchemist requested that we tested the materials and worked out where on the Island we thought they came from.


Here we are conducting our very scientific tests, using thermochromatic sheets, electrical circuits and magnets.