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Splendid Skies

Week 7

We have had a great final week of term. We have all really enjoyed our topic but are very excited for learning more about dinosaurs next term!


This week we have continued our work on shapes but have focussed on 3d shapes. We began the week investigating different 3d shapes and matching them to their names.

We then thought about the properties of the different shapes and how these were different to 2d shapes. We thought it was funny that 3d shapes have faces! We looked at everyday objects and thought about which 3d shapes they were. We loved using playdough to create our own 3d shapes.

Parents drop in session

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on Thursday for our class drop in session. We loved showing you our topic books and all the amazing work we have done this term!

Religious Education

As part of our work on different festivals this week we looked at the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We learnt lots of things about the festival and created our own class Sukkah. We decorated it with leaves, paper chains bunting and pompoms.

Week 6

What a great week we have had in Willow Class. We are really enjoyed the school disco last night thank you to everyone who organised it.



This week we have been learning more about 2d shapes. We began by finding a 2d shape drawing it and then labelling it with the correct shape name.

We then thought more about the shape properties including the sides and the corners. We then created shape fact files which we have hung in our classroom to help us remember the shape facts.
We ended the way with a challenge. We needed to match the different 2d shapes to things we might see every day. It was very exciting to discover that pentagons sit on footballs!


This week our work revolved around the star balloon which magically appeared in our classroom on Monday. We began by thinking about how it might have got there and then read some stories about the weather trying to spot any rhyming words or repeating phrases.

We then made written predictions about where we thought the balloon might go if we let it go outside. We tried to write in super sentences and include an adjective in our writing. The day arrived when we were going to release our balloon but we had to think carefully where the best place would be. We all counted down from 10 and then Chloe released our balloon. It was amazing to see it go higher and higher into the sky before disappearing from sight. We really hope someone will find our balloon and let us know where it finally landed.


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Physical Education

This week in PE we thought about different activities we might do in different weathers. We used our bodies to recreate these activities.

Art and Design

We used different materials to show how some trees change through the seasons. We really enjoyed using the paints and then creating flowers using beads.


This week we decided we would like to investigate how big rain drops were. We learnt about where rain comes from and what happens to the clouds so it rains. We then thought about how we could catch a rain drop and decided sugar paper might be a good idea as the rain would make the paper wet. We went outside for a practice with our paper and it actually started to rain so we were able to catch lots of rain drops!

Week 4

What a busy week we have had in Willow Class. Thank you to everyone who came to our assembly today. We hope you enjoyed our performance poetry as much as we enjoyed performing it!


This week in maths we have been learning more about addition and subtraction. We have worked really hard to identify the correct operation symbol and have used different maths equipment to help us solve the tricky number sentences.

As part of investigation Friday we looked at subtraction and addition word problems. It was really exciting to read the different problems and decide what we needed to do so that we could solve them.


This week in English we have been creating lists and instructions. We thought about the things we would need to go out on a rainy day. We learnt that we needed to include a title and bullet points in our lists. We began our instruction work by verbally giving instructions to each other. We tried to get Mrs Payne ready for a rainy day but we put her wellies on before her woolly socks!

As part of national Poetry Day Willow Class created a piece of performance poetry about the wind. We loved creating the actions to help us remember the words.


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This week we used different materials to create clouds. We loved sticking different materials to create our cloud designs.


This week we have been thinking about why it rains. We used sponges to represent different types of rain and how the water moves at different speeds depending on how hard we squeeze the sponge.

NSPCC Assembly

On Monday we had a NSPCC assembly about ways to stay safe. We listened really carefully to ways we can make sure we keep ourselves out. We met Buddy who reminded us we must speak out if we have any worries.

Week 3

We have had a great week in Willow Class this week. Thank you for all your help and support with home learning. The children seem to be very excited about their spellings and reading books which is great to hear. Celebrations can be found under the separate page on the website from today's assembly.


This week we have been creating number bonds to 10 and 20. We thought about how we could find out if a number bond was right and which maths equipment we could use to help us. We then moved on to addition sentences in our maths books. It was great fun writing in the squares. We ended the week off practising our addition skills using maths apps on the Ipads!


This week we have been working with a poem called 'Who has seen the wind?' We read through and made sure we understood what all the words meant. We then learnt the poem and added actions to help us. We then thought about how we felt on a windy day and created super sentences remembering our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We ended the week with a piece of independent writing creating a story about a windy day. Please look out for our piece of performance poetry next week!


In geography this week we learnt more about extreme weathers in the world. We watched video clips learning more about how extreme weathers are caused and how we can help after they have happened. We discussed the recent hurricanes and how we might be able to help the people that were affected.


Our PSHE lessons this term are focussing on new beginnings. We have been thinking about ways we can make our school a better place. The children decided that to help them remember the school rules they would like to create their own school rules song. I am sure you will agree it is brilliant!


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This week we investigated how leaves change over time. We thought about what might effect a leaf and how we could measure the changes. The children decided that they would like to go on a leaf hunt around school collecting leaves. They then brought them back into the classroom and ordered them through the different stages.


This week we learnt a song about the wind. It followed the same tune as row, row, row your boat which helped us with the words. We then added musical instruments to add wind sounds. As it was such a lovely afternoon we decided to perform our song under the tree. Well done Willow Class!


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Week 2

What a great couple of weeks we have had in Willow Class. Everyone has settled down into a new routine and is working very hard towards their new objectives. Please check out the celebrations tab on the website to see who received a special mention this week.


We have been working really hard with our number formation. We have used paint, chalks, modelling clay and wooden sticks to help us form our numbers correctly. We had great fun finger painting different numbers.

We have also been working on our number recognition and counting out objects to match a specific number. We have been ordering numbers and even took part in a number treasure hunt.


We began our English lessons by having a walk around our local environment. During our walk we were looking for any signs of Autumn. We were also looking for any different cloud patterns that we could find. We discovered that the leaves were beginning to change colour and some of them had curled up and fallen to the ground. We saw berries growing on the trees and saw lots of different clouds. We took clipboards out with us so we could make sketches of any thing we saw that we thought was interesting.

Following our walk we then made a time line to show the different things we saw. We just time connectives to help order our walk. We then moved on to writing super sentences. We created a checklist to make sure our work included a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. We produced some great writing describing our school tree and the difference between some leaves in Autumn and Summer.


Thank you to everyone who has helped with spellings this week. The children really enjoyed using chalks and completing their spelling activity on the playground. Please continue to encourage your child to write a spelling word everyday. They are words they are expected to be able to read and write and so the more we can do the better!


Our science topic this term is all about the weather and different seasons. We started to think about which months were in each season and predicting what we thought the weather would be like in each season. We pretended we were going on holiday and packed a suitcase of things we would need for each season of the year.


We used different musical instruments to create different weather sounds. We split into four groups and tried to recreate the sound of rain, snow, thunder and sun. It was great fun using all the different instruments.


We have had great fun learning more about the United Kingdom. We have been learning about the different countries and what they look like. We have been watching weather reports and seeing the different weather in different places. Today we created our own weather map adding weather symbols to different places.

I hope you have all had a fantastic summer break and are ready for a great first term in Willow Class. This term our topic is called 'Splendid Skies'. We will be having lots of fun finding out about weather, seasons, Sir Francis Beaufort and other things that happen in the sky.

Please check our webpage regularly as there will be weekly updates showing you all the great things we have been doing that week.