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Week 15: Week beg: 20.07.2020 and Summer Activities

End of Term


Please find attached some End of Term Memory Activities to complete for this academic year of 2019 - 2020! Who knew we'd be in a position like we are? Even though this has been the strangest year possibly EVER, it's definitely been one to remember!

Drawing Competition!


This is the final Competition that Mrs Addison has asked us to be a part of! This time, it involves Drawing! 


To take part, you must draw, paint, sketch or digitally create a piece of artwork capturing plants or animal anatomy! 


There are lots of information posters below to support you in this competition. But you must be quick! The deadline is 31st July 2020!


You can either enter independently, or email myself or Mrs Addison ( with your entry!



Maths and English Summer Activity Booklets


I have attached below some Maths and English Activity Booklets for the children to complete in the last few days of term or over the Summer Holidays. They are short mini activities that the children can be doing to maintain their learning before restarting school in September. There is one for each Year group, and all of the work inside should be revision for the children!

Additional Summer Activities



Over the Summer Holidays, I have set a weekly challenge, focusing on a different area of maths each week. If you would like to continue to access this throughout the Summer months, the children's log on will still be valid until the end of August. 

Returning to School


In preparation for the schools fully reopening in September, I wanted to share a few documents that you can use with your children if they are beginning to feel anxious or worried about restarting in the new school year. It has been a very long time since March, and many children will not have returned to the school environment. Below is a story called 'We will be going to school sometime' which gives a clear outline of what is happening right now with school closures. There are also two worksheets for the children to work through their feelings regarding returning to school.