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Holy Trinity aims for all children to read with confidence, fluency and understanding.

We are fortunate to be part of the Lincolnshire Reading Pledge and are working towards our Silver medal. We value pleasure for reading but realise that children need to be able to decode and read words independently and for that reason we follow Ruth Miskin's Read to Write Inc Program. Once children are fluent readers they will have the opportunity to explore novels and texts in greater depth through our whole class reading strategy.


Below is a summary of what reading looks like at Holy Trinity:


  • Foundation Stage and KS1 follow Read Write Inc (RWINc)
  • Phonics is taught daily in Foundation Stage & Key stage 1 using the RWInc phonics program; Book bag books from RWINc are matched closely to children's phonics level Key stage 1 children should begin to read fiction and non-fiction independently and with enthusiasm.
  • At Key stage 2 children  read a range of texts and respond to different layers of meaning in the. Our Reading Spine is used to ensure breadth and depth in reading different books.
  • All pupils receive weekly opportunities for planned whole class guided reading lessons with a teacher. Shared reading will take place whenever appropriate.
  • Class reading opportunities are taught during whole class reading where children will learn about their class novel as well as have opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of non- fiction texts. This could be related to their topic or a significant event.
  • Reading material is varied to reflect a variety of genres, topics, personal choice and current affairs.
  • All pupils and parents are actively encouraged and supported to enjoy home reading.
  • Classrooms provide banded reading books, picture books and paperbacks for more confident readers.
  • All book areas reflect current subjects which are updated each half term.
  • All classes have the opportunity to visit the school library. Children are encouraged to choose material which will engage and challenge them.
  • Children will have the opportunity to change home reading books during reading sessions in Key stage 1 and whenever appropriate in Key stage 2.


Read Write Inc for parents We follow Ruth Miskin's Read Write Inc for teaching phonics. Please follow the link for information about Read Write Inc.

Phonics Policy